Miles for Migraine 2015

Susan G. Komen has races all over the country for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Avon sponsors a two-day walk to raise money for the same purpose.

Last year the ALS society raised $115 Million with its viral Ice Bucket Challenge.

So what about fundraising for the 36 Million Americans that suffer from Migraines? We sadly only get 0.08% of NIH funding, which equates to about $.70 per Migraine sufferer. That’s just not enough funding. Out of frustration, an organization formed to raise funds and bring awareness to our cause.

Miles for Migraine

You can get involved with Miles for Migraine. The race was started in 2008 in San Francisco by Eileen Jones. I had the pleasure of meeting Eileen earlier this year during Headache on the Hill, a lobbying effort for continued Migraine research. She shared that it was at this same event years ago that she felt compelled to find a way to raise funds for Migraine research. Eileen is a founding member of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA). Supported by AHDA, she created Miles for Migraines to raise public support for the needs of Migraine and Headache disorders and direct funds to research. Eileen had worked as a critical care unit nurse, as a disaster nurse specialist for the American Red Cross and she suffers from Migraines as well.

With the success of their first race in 2008, Eileen was anxious to hold more races across the country. Little did she know that across the country, the Kessel family was also looking for a way to bring awareness to the disease and raise funds for the cause. Shirley Kessel has three daughters, two of them with Migraines. Shirley and Eileen connected and in 2013 the first Miles for Migraine race was held in Philadelphia.


Previous races have collected over $55,000 com combined! Beneficiaries of these funds have been the University of California San Francisco Headache Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy.

With the next race less than a month away, there are more participants signed up than at this point last year. Additionally, corporate sponsorship has increased dramatically. Last year, $12,500 was collected from corporate sponsors, while this year sponsors have already committed to $40,000!

What Can You Do?

This year the race in Philadelphia will take place on October 10th. If you live in the area, please sign-up! Registration for individuals is $45 with a $5 discount if under 18.The event has three categories: 2 mile walk, 5K run, and a 10K run. Exercise of these distances can be hard for Migraineurs, but participants can do the 2 mile walk or encourage an enthusiastic runner to start a team in their honor.

If you can’t attend in person, donations can easily be made through their website

If you’re interested in starting a race in your city next year, please contact the organization.

Also, help spread the word! This fundraiser is gaining momentum and becoming a large part of the Migraine community. Share on Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know about these fundraising efforts.

For all the info on the upcoming race, visit

Together, we can stomp out head pain.

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