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Who Moved My Cheese?

Today is the 12th day of the 2014 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (MHAM) Blog challenge which is hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA).

The prompt for today is “Who Moved My Cheese”.  This video tells a story about a way to deal with change in your life while it uses two mice and two people on their hunts for cheese.

As I watched the video, I thought about our journeys with doctors. How many times have you gone to a first visit with a doctor who had a room full of cheese (ideas)? Visit after visit, the cheese seemed to keep flowing. It didn’t seem like it would ever end and you got to taste many different kinds of cheeses.

It’s great to continue going back to this doctor and you may assume the cheese will never end. One day, you arrive at your doctor’s office only to discover they have no more ideas! You may even go back to this doctor with much hope again and again, but there are still no more new thoughts on how to help you.

Finally you realize that if you keep going to this same doctor, you may never get any better. You may be afraid to move on, but you know it’s time to find your new cheese. Don’t be left behind as things can’t get worse by venturing out into the maze to find a new doctor. If we don’t change, we may never get the relief we so desperately need and seek. You might even see little glimmers of hope with doctors along the way, but you have to keep pursuing that bigger cheese for you.

When you do find another large supply of cheese, be careful not to slip back into your old habits. Keep educating yourself and be aware of your options especially if your cheese starts running low. Anticipate your next change and be ready to change quickly so you can continue to enjoy new ideas.

I know how hard it can be to keep thinking ahead of what your next step may be, but it is easier to plan ahead then when you are forced to find your next doctor while in the middle of a long Migraine streak. I’ve been in that position and it wasn’t fun looking for a doctor while running low on my prescriptions. It’s better to be prepared to move onto your next doctor than scrambling when it’s actually necessary.

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    5 years ago

    Hi Annie 🙂

    This was an interesting take on the cartoon, and I really like it. These challenge posts have so many different ways to look at a topic, and this one was right on the money! *ugh* The thought of new docs, new treatments, any of it can have me acting a bit too much like the little guy that sits down and just wants the old cheese to re-appear again, lol.

    ~Ellen Schnakenberg

  • Annie author
    5 years ago

    Thank you, Ellen. It is too easy to be that little guy. It can be simple and comforting to go to that familiar stale cheese. As hard as it is, we have to keep pushing forward. We deserve the best treatments and freshest cheese available. I enjoy all of the different interpretations of the blog challenges too. It helps to see the same thing from different perspectives. Be well Ellen.

  • Angie
    5 years ago


    Sometimes I am amazed how timely the articles are on

    I switched to my current neurology office because the my previous neurologist was out of ideas and said wanted to keep me on time released morphine for pain management as he did not know what else to do. I was in my late 20’s and was not comfortable with the decision to be on morphine for the foreseeable future. I believed there had to be other options out there we had not tried there.

    Now here we are, about ten years later, and the migraines turned chronic around the first of the year. My current neurologist seems to be out of ideas other than hospitalization with the same drug cocktail. Which we have already done twice, 6 days each, with no improvement.

    You are right, it is hard to start over with a new neurologist/head ache specialist. The process of finding someone who will believe you or even just listen to you is not something I think any of us look forward to. But, if you can find the right doctor it is well worth the journey. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    Let the quest begin…. 🙂

  • Annie author
    5 years ago


    I’m so glad you followed your instincts and found a better path. You deserve the opportunities to try the other options out there. It can be difficult to find the right doctor for so many different reasons. If it helps, here is an article on “Looking for a Migraine Specialist” I wish you the best in your journey to finding your right doctor. Take care Angie.

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