My most fabulous, migraineur-friendly sunglasses ever! (not an ad)

One of my best friends visited for a few days in July. He has spent the better part of the last few years living in Europe and Asia, so when I get to see him in the summers when he comes to Georgia it’s a real treat, and we spend several days hanging out together.

His car (“Eleanor”) lives at his dad’s house whenever he’s out of the country, and when he reclaimed it this summer there were some odds and ends in the car that didn’t belong to him.

What some stranger (his dad? A friend who borrowed the car?) left behind in the car became my treasure.

Y’all, I am talking about some AWESOME migraine-friendly sunglasses. They’re dorky, but not as dorky as you’d imagine when you hear the phrase “wraparound, polarized sunglasses.” So maybe I won’t use that phrase.

The second I put them on I started gushing.

“Joe. These are awesome. They have a section on top that blocks sunlight from coming in the crack between your forehead and the rims!”

“Oh. Cool.”

“JOE! Look at this! They wrap around the side, too—but instead of having solid plastic on the sides, there’s another lens. That means my peripheral vision is darkened but not blocked.”

“That’s great!”

“JOE!! These are the coolest glasses ever. I love these! Where did you get these? I have to find ones like this. Look! They’re polarized! That’s what all good sunglasses should be but I’m usually too cheap to buy anything but the really inexpensive kind that aren’t polarized.”

“You can have those."

“What?! Really?”

(And from that point onward I continued to gush, much to the confusion and amusement of Joe, who was happy to pass on glasses to me, especially if they made me so happy.)

The Migraine Girl wears sunglasses at night.

A couple of weeks ago, Jim & I watched a DVD on my laptop while we lay in bed. I was feeling the beginning of a migraine, and even the lowest screen brightness was too bright for me. So I got my new glasses and put them on. It was too humorous not to photograph.

Behold, if you will, this photo of me watching TV in bed wearing the miraculous glasses while cuddling with my cat. This is the glamorous life of the migraineur.

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