My "Windy Tunnel" Headache

When I was in elementary school (which ran through the end of seventh grade—this was before my home county moved to the middle school plan), I was an enthusiastic but not altogether talented athlete. What I lacked in skill I made up for in effort, though, and I loved to run and jump and play flag football and do my best to beat some of the boys in our daily running of laps.

I’m not sure when the nose/head discomfort began, but when I feel the way I do at the moment of this writing—left side of the head hurts, and it feels almost as if there’s a constant light flow of icy, painful wind going up my left nostril directly into my brain—I am reminded of running laps at the school playground. Was this pain common throughout my childhood at the school, or was it only in the later years as I approached puberty? I vividly recall running my way toward the backstop of the playground, feeling a sudden and sharp pain in the left side of my brain. I described it for people now and again, saying it felt like a tunnel had been drilled into my head and cold air was blowing through it. As I recall, no one (not even my doctor) seemed to understand or seemed to indicate that this was not normal.

This particular type of headache hasn’t reared its ugly head in quite sometime, though in the last couple of months it has come back to haunt me. Is it that I am also battling a cold and cough this week? Is it that spring has arrived, bringing along with it enough allergens to wipe out even those with strong immune systems? What gives?

Has anyone else had this particular brand of migraine pain? It almost seems to merit its own treatment, but I’m not sure what to do.

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