Nationwide Recall of Toradol

Toradol, also known as Ketorolac, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is used on a short term basis to treat severe pain. It can be taken as a pill, used as an injection or given through an IV. It is often used to reduce fever, pain and swelling. For Migraineurs, Toradol is used in the emergency room along with a cocktail of other medications to try to break a bad cycle of Migraines. Occasionally it is prescribed to a patient to use at home.

I personally use Toradol at home when I’ve had days of relentless Migraines. It’s usually a last resort before I go to the ER. I take it as an injection. Recently I went to fill a prescription of Toradol and was told that the manufacturer was not currently distributing this drug and there wasn’t a date set as to when it would be available. Good thing I didn’t need it right away, I was just trying to stockpile as much as I could.

According to a press release, particulate matter was found in vials of Toradol. Particulate matter could mean that a hard substance was found floating in the liquid vials, in this case it was calcium-ketorolac crystals. Likely this is caused by improper packaging or storage. Affected vials were distributed between Feb 2013 and Dec 2014.

While not life-threatening if the medication was used, it could cause inflammation at the injection site, delayed effects of the drug or allergic reaction. I called the manufacturer, Hospira, to find out when the drug is expected to become available again. I was told that because of this issue, Hospira basically swept the drug off the shelves and is currently working to replace the inventory. Within the past two weeks, Hospira began to distribute new vials of Toradol to hospital and wholesalers, however it can take time for the market to become saturated again with a new supply.

Upon further investigation, Hospira has recalled their drugs 20 times in the past 6 months. Drugs such as lidocaine, heparin, propofol, sodium chloride, dextrose and fentanyl. Reasons for the recalls range from particulate matter, leaking packages, mislabeling, cracked glass or vials, mold and improper temperature storage. In February 2015, Pfizer Pharmaceutical announced that it is purchasing Hospira. Hopefully this merger will improve the manufacturing standards of these drugs.

To read Hospira’s press release about the Toradol recall and to find out if you are in possession of any affected vials, go to:

I also found that Sagent Pharmaceuticals, which also produces Toradol, recalled three lots of the medication in October 2014. This recall was due to incorrect labeling of the expiration date. For more information about this recall, visit:

If you want to know if a medication you are on has been recalled, the Food and Drug Administration compiles an updated list. If you ever question that a drug you have received is tainted, report your concerns to the manufacturer as well as the FDA.

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