A new discovery eases the stress of bad days

Have you ever been stuck at home for days with a long string of migraines? The walls are closing in. Dishes and laundry pile up. The trash is overflowing. Now, to add insult to injury, the pantry is looking pretty bare.

That happened to me recently.

The situation was complicated by the fact that my husband was working extra-long hours and we only have one vehicle. I couldn’t even count on help for the weekend because he was scheduled for an out-of-town trip until Sunday afternoon. It was only Wednesday and we were already getting low on essentials. By Friday, we’d be out of too many staples. Something needed to be done soon.

That’s when a random comment on a friend’s Facebook timeline caught my eye. It was a reminder that a local grocery store chain offered free delivery on orders over $100. It doesn’t take much to run up a $100 bill at the grocery store, so I thought that was a pretty generous offer. I get so worn out every time I need to shop for groceries and there are so many triggers to avoid. Given how I’d been feeling, I was not in any shape to push through the task that week.

I’ve never ordered groceries online before, but this time I just had to check it out. Sure enough, I was able to browse the virtual aisles to choose our needed items. There were clear photos organized much like the physical store. They even marked the items that were on sale. The website gave me the option to decide if I wanted my “personal shopper” to choose alternates in case my selections were out of stock. There was even a notes section for special instructions. At checkout, I was also presented with a list of available delivery times to choose from.

I received three emails. The first confirmed my order and delivery time. The second arrived a few hours before the scheduled delivery time, confirming the final total, noting which products were out-of-stock and those that had been substituted. The final email arrived less than 30 minutes before delivery, notifying me that my order had left the store. Just a few minutes after 5:00 pm, a sweet lady arrived with my purchases. The items were bagged properly, with cold items and produce separate from dry goods. She verified the order with me and made sure I didn’t need anything else before she left.

I could get used to this.

My energy is limited, even on my best days. The chore of shopping for groceries takes so much out of me that I am usually exhausted and hurting before the tasks is finished. Most of the time my husband helps unload and put away the food. On good days, I often make the trade-off because it does allow me to get out of the house. However, there are days when shopping just isn’t an option. When those days drag on, the need to shop becomes imperative if I want to keep eating. Now I have a new resource, one more tool in my toolkit to ease the burden of life with chronic migraine.

It’s your turn!

How do you meet your physical needs when the days drag on? Have you found any unique or creative ways to ease the stress of living with chronic migraine?

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