New Generic Migraine Medicine To Hit Shelves

The triptan in Maxalt and Maxalt MLT’s is finally available for Migraine patients in a generic form… or it will be as soon as your local store receives them.

Two triptan abortive medicines were previously available in a generic form. Sumatriptan (Imitrex) and naratriptan (Amerge) were the first, and now rizatriptan benzoate (Maxalt, Maxalt MLT) has joined them.

Two companies have produced the pill and meltaway versions of rizatriptan and shipments have been sent, so patients may begin seeing them as options very soon!

A side note to this news: earlier this year rizatriptan was FDA approved for pediatric use in children starting at age 6 years. Axert was previously FDA approved for use in older children from the age of 12 years, however rizatriptan represents the first and only generic version of a triptan product officially approved for children of any age.

Triptans are often the medicine of choice for Migraineurs, but they can be prohibitively pricey. Now patients and parents of pediatric patients may want to consider talking to their doctors about this new generic option.

Generics do tend to have some differences which may affect some patients. I’ll keep an eye out for feedback re: patient experience with these new generic products, and interested patients can contribute their experiences to this Maxalt/rizatriptan forum thread.

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