New Migraine Meter app Available on iTunes and Google Play for Android
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Please note that the Android App is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please note you can access the application on from a web browser.

If you have migraines, keeping an accurate journal is an important part of your treatment plan. It helps you and your doctor track your migraine episodes and potential identify patterns and triggers. And now the new and improved Migraine Meter 2.0 for Android and iPhone makes keeping a journal even easier.

Migraine headache app

Features of the new Migraine Meter include:

  • a new and improved journal that makes keeping a migraine diary easier than ever
  • access to the report – a summary that can be easily shared with a healthcare provider (or anyone else for that matter)
  • access to the latest news and headlines

As always, the Migraine Meter is free for unlimited use. To use the journal feature, a free account is required. If you have an existing account and use the journal on, your journal will be accessible from the app – and any changes or entries you add will be available on as well.

If you have the previous version of the Migraine Meter, be sure to update to the new edition; and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, install it today. The Migraine Meter for iPhone can be downloaded at: and for Android phones from .

So get started with the Migraine Meter today!

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