New Year’s Health Resolutions

I hope I’m not cursing myself by actually putting down in words my resolutions for 2014.

So far I have been pretty terrible at living up to my self-proclaimed resolutions each January of my life so far, but each year I’m met with this sense of hope. Maybe THIS is the January in which I will get my act together. Maybe THIS year is the year I’ll be better at living life to the fullest and being as healthy as possible.

Already you can feel the pressure I’m putting on myself, can’t you? I know I can.

So I’m going to try to remind myself that resolving to do my best (or close to it) is more productive than taking an all-or-nothing approach to the habits I hope to establish.

All that said, here are three of my 2014 health-related resolutions. (I have a bunch of other ones that could arguably fit in the “health” category, as everything ends up being about well-being in one way or another, but I’ll keep the public list here pretty short. You can thank me for sparing you my long list.)

1. Try to walk or engage in some other gentle exercise four to five times per week.
Without a doubt, I always feel more energized and ready to take on the day when I have walked at least thirty minutes. I don’t do any crazy exercise routines or engage in physical activities that are unhealthy for my arthritic self or my migraine brain. Gentle exercise has already proven to be very helpful to keep up a general sense of well-being and a healthier self, so let’s get back on the ball, shall we?

2. Try to stick to a sleep routine that works well with my health and my schedule (say, try to fall asleep between 10:30pm and 11:30pm, and wake up between 7am and 8:15am).  During the time in my life when I stuck to a routine rigorously, I was a little more boring, sure. I had to start saying no to many amazing late-night music shows that help make my town of Athens, Ga. the magical place that it is. But I awoke much more refreshed and didn’t feel the need to nap during the day.

3. Write more regularly about my life as someone with chronic illness.
Despite having a wonderful network of friends and family, not to mention an amazing boyfriend who also knows what it is like to cope with migraine and other chronic pain conditions, this struggle with migraine disease and psoriatic arthritis are essentially my own. I have a tendency to hold off on voicing my frustrations with my illnesses, and we all know it’s not good to bottle things up. So even if I don’t end up finding much writing that is publishable, self-expression is something I can focus on with very real emotional rewards.

What sorts of things do you hope to do better in 2014? How will you work toward your goals, and how (if at all) will you try to keep yourself accountable?

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