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Migraine Basics

BasicsTo start with, you can learn more about the basics of migraine by clicking on “The Basics”. Here you will find a definition of migraine, statistics about migraine, the results of our Migraine in America studies, descriptions of various types of migraine, a description of the phases of migraine, and an explanation of how migraine is diagnosed.

LifeLiving with Migraine

Want some practical tips on day-to-day coping? Click on “Living with Migraine” to discover how to get help. Learn more about the genetics of migraine, the unique impact of migraine on women, children, and teens, and the link between mental health and migraine. Review the latest research and even find out more about insurance and disability.

CausesMigraine Causes and Triggers

While there is no known cause of migraine, there are several factors that contribute to the development of migraine. Learn more about these factors by clicking on “Causes & Triggers”. Discover more about potential triggers that can set off an attack, too.

SymptomsMigraine Symptoms

Wondering if what you experience is actually a symptom of migraine? Click on “Symptoms” to discover our comprehensive listing and description of a wide variety of symptoms. We get it -- migraine isn’t “just a headache” – and we back it up with detailed descriptions of proven migraine symptoms.

treatmentMigraine Treatment

Stuck on treatment options? Not sure what else to try? Click on “Treatment” to discover the many prescription, over-the-counter, and natural remedies available to treat migraine. We even have tips on the relative effectiveness of various treatments.

communityMigraine Community & Articles

When you click on “Community” you will find opportunities to read other patients’ migraine stories and tell your own story. You can also search our extensive database of articles and meet our Patient Advocates and Physician Experts. To ask a question or get support, feel free to join our Forums, too. While you are here, please review our Community Rules, too.


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searchSite Search

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Search Results

search resultsWhen the page reloads, you will find a list of results ordered by date, from most recent to oldest. Take your time reviewing the results. You may have to expand or narrow your search results to get just the right information. Many times there is more than one page, so make sure to click on the “Older posts” link at the bottom left of the page.


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