Nine day streak!

I went nine days with no serious (i.e., meriting a Relpax) Migraine headache! I had a day last week when I felt a little achey and so drank lots of water and went to bed earlier than usual; I awoke feeling great.

My Migraine that interrupted the streak was a predictable one, the one that almost always accompanies my period. As I mentioned many a post ago, my week-long Migraine attack that used to come along with every single period got nipped in the bud, probably because of a Frova + Naproxen preventive plan I went on for a few months. (It got too expensive to do each month, but my doctor's guess was right: I, like many other women, had the happy circumstance of the drug regimen stopping a many-year-long problem, transforming a 7- or 8-day Migraine into a one - or two-day one.) Anywho. This month's amazing streak was only interrupted by a menstrual Migraine Friday night, and it wasn't a bad one; it took double the Relpax to get rid of it, but the pain was far from unbearable.

Overall, I'm thrilled with the idea of my body soon being free of Zonegran. I was giddy with excitement when picking up my last pills at the pharmacy last week--surely I struck the pharmacists as slightly crazed and goofy. Who cares? I'm going off a mind-altering chemical I've been ingesting for 22 months. Yeehaw!

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