Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types: The Ninja

I’m about ten minutes into this particular made-up migraine type as we speak, and I am really tempted to add to its name a series of expletives that are not fit for this website. (Its full name might really be Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Type Called The Ninja—AKA “That Effin’ A**hole The Ninja” but let’s not go there right now.) You can see how angry I am that The Ninja Migraine has shown up today without warning.

The Ninja doesn’t make an appearance in my life all too often, and for that I am grateful. But today it swept in on this sunny, beautiful day, a day I had set aside to Get Things Done, and for that I am anything but grateful.

The Ninja has no regard for what you have planned for the day. Unlike other migraines I’ve described in my Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types posts, this one doesn’t give you any warning whatsoever. You have no idea your day is about to be highjacked. With The Creeper, you know something’s afoot, even if the full attack never sets in all the way. With The Ninja, you think everything is better than it’s been in awhile.

Take this morning. I woke up migraine-free and blissful. Yesterday and the day before I felt sick but remained in a pretty good mood nonetheless; I had to take Imitrex both mornings in order to be functional by the afternoon for work but had good, relaxing days, all told. Imagine my delight to get out of bed this morning feeling fully refreshed and awake (this is rare for me). I did the dishes, tidied up the kitchen, and made tea for Jim and me. We snuggled and hung out with the cat for a bit, and then I got up to get ready for the day.

Ha-YA! Boom! Slice! Chop-chop-chop! The Ninja was waiting for me in the living room, where he jumped out from behind the armchair and sliced the left side of my brain wide open. I winced in pain and felt dizzy with rapid-onset nausea. I uttered, “No! Not today!” as I walked to the doorway to hold onto something for balance, my stomach suddenly churning.

I had felt really great just an hour before, just ten minutes before. I had none of my usual migraine warning signals (even in hindsight) and had just realized that, unlike yesterday and the day before, this day was MINE. I could spend my time as I wished without having my mind distracted or dulled by migraine.

How do I feel right now? I’m angry. The Ninja showed up swiftly and without provocation. I looked back on my last twenty-four hours in an effort to figure out what I may have done to get The Ninja out of hiding. Why did he attack me today? I can’t be sure.

Have you ever been thwarted by The Ninja? Were you able to figure out why he came for you? What does it feel like to start your day on a positive, (relatively) pain-free note only to have The Ninja jump out and highjack your day? Is there a particular way you treat yourself and/or medicate to get rid of The Ninja migraine that’s different from how you treat your other attacks?

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