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Notes from the insomniac

A couple of days ago I mentioned weird shooting pains I was having on the right side of my head. They were gone the next day and have yet to come up again.

Here’s the best thing I could possible interpret from them in light of the fact that I’ve been Migraine-free since Sunday: THE PAINS WERE MY MIGRAINE EPISODES SAYING GOODBYE! Several especially painful Migraine episodes from the past were doing their own version of waving goodbye, having set up residence my head for years. They finally decided to leave me alone, and as the most painful ones left my world forever, they zapped their way out for a memorable exit.

Welcome to my dream world, folks.

In truth, I felt pretty amazing Monday, health-wise (especially in the evening), a feeling I’ve not experienced in a while now. Tuesday was even better, and today’s pretty good but not as good as the first two days of the week.

Let’s talk about what’s not so hot: NOT BEING ABLE TO SLEEP. That’s right, kids: that little insomnia problem I’ve not mentioned much on here reared its ugly head again. (Awhile back, a friend led me to a little song I love about insomnia–I pretend the song’s about Migraines. I mention it in a post that’s over two years old. Unfortunately the link to the free download isn’t working right.) In the last couple of years, I’ve had some sleep issues, and they’ve really plagued me during their short stays. When I got off Amitriptyline a few months back, the glorious side effect it causes–sleepiness–was gone. I had trouble staying asleep through the night, and forget about 3 AM bathroom breaks. Those left me tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, nervous I would miss out on too much sleep and be tired or headachey the next day.

This insomnia is markedly different. I can’t fall asleep at first but am not worried or frustrated about the problem. In fact, I haven’t been sleepy at bedtime in a few days now! Very different from how I was feeling up until last week when I was exhausted almost all. the. time. Usually I feel exhausted when I wake in the middle of the night, it’s just that I can’t fall asleep. For the past few nights, I’ve felt energized and wide awake during sleepless times. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep ’til 1 (after having climbed into bed at midnight). Woke up at 2:30 to pee and was up until 3:45 or so. Fell asleep for thirty minutes or so and was back up again at 4:15 and stayed awake ’til 6. My alarm went off at 7:20 and I snoozed a bit (yes, in the morning I was able to snooze) and then got up and was pretty chipper and energetic.

This afternoon I took a nap, which was probably a mistake for someone who wants to sleep normally at night. But I cannot read a book without getting sleepy-eyed (even if it takes an hour during insomnia bouts), and around 4 PM I fell asleep despite my not feeling tired.

I’m a real piece of work, I tell you. Let me know if you can identify with this issue–and definitely let me know if you think I’m right about the Migraines waving goodbye and leaving me forever. Ha.

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  • midkiff_fan
    11 years ago

    We must be twins! I have horrible sleepless nights, and was doing so well there for about a week and BAM a bad migraine awoke me and here it is after midnight once again and my eyes will not close. I’ve even got 2 tylox , an imitrex injection in me, along with phenergan.

    The weird shooting pains you mentioned. I have gotten those over the years. Do your weird pains feel as though someone has an icepick slighly jabbing you from withinside the head and the jab last seconds.
    A neurologist (One of the many I have seen) said the pain is a symptom of muscular skeletal cluster headaches and migraines.
    Both of which I suffer from.
    I had several MRI’s and CT’s and all are normal, well at least it shows I have a brain. LOL

  • Heather
    11 years ago

    Oh, I pray your migraines are saying goodbye and taking mine with them! I have had the WORST week with my monster in my head, that included a trip to the ER last night and I am STILL HURTING! Grr….I totally can relate to the insomnia, though, and I have the same problem about getting to sleep. I get anxious about it, though.
    I am going to a new headache specialist in August, and I am going to ask for something to help with the sleep….it can’t hurt, right?

  • Emily
    11 years ago

    ooh i hope you’re right! but if you aren’t able to get some sleep, the migraines are bound to come back, right?! :/ hope you can get enough sleep to keep them at bay!

  • Anonymous
    11 years ago

    Read the book 7 Steps To A Healthy Brain by Dr. Paul Winner. I think it will help you.

  • Kroshka
    11 years ago

    I can identify with your sleeping pattern last few days girlie. However when similar things happened to me – it’s generally due to major stress afflicting me.

    Perhaps review of your current meds and vitamins / supplements would do some good.

    Also if you’re okay with mild exercise (I know exercise outside even at night can be a trigger for me) perhaps that will help?

    And it would be so awesome if your migraines went away completely. I’ll keep my hopes high.

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