Novartis Resumes Production of Excedrin, Expected Back On Shelves In October

Individuals looking for Excedrin on empty pharmacy shelves may have something to look forward to.

More than six months after Novartis announced a voluntary recall of several of their over the counter medications, production of Excedrin has resumed according to a statement published on the company's Facebook page earlier today. Excedrin Migraine will be the first product to return to the market, and is anticipated to be available in October of 2012.

Recent news of desperate consumers paying hundreds of dollars to buy Excedrin products on eBay recently drew more attention to the shortage.

Detailed information regarding affected bottles can be found at The Novartis Consumer Relationship Center can also be contacted at 1-888-477-2403 (or via email: for additional questions and information related to refunds.

As always, you should not stop, start, or change a medication regimen without first checking with your physician.

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