Old habits die hard

At least that's what my brain seems to think. Of course I was being deliberately naive (and a tad facetious) last week when I asserted my belief that my Migraines had bit the dust for good! Let's face it: Sunday I felt fine, Monday - Wednesday I felt phenomenal! Too bad the monster returned on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. Perhaps that had something to do with Athfest weekend, which leads to my getting overexcited and therefore headachey due to that anticipation and stress. (Good stress, usually, but still.) Saturday I drove to Atlanta to meet up with one of my very best friends who was in town from Ireland. As much fun as we had going to see R.E.M., The National, and Modest Mouse, the long drive to meet her in addition to the rush to get into the amphitheatre and the sheer excitement of seeing her and seeing the bands led to #3 for the week.

No triptans for me until Thursday! I'll make it. I have to.

That's all for now--just thought I'd give a little update to say that I am not cured as I had wished to be.

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