For My Online Migraine Family – A Holiday Gift

Hello, my online Migraine family! I hope the winter weather is treating you gently so far and that you’re getting some Migraine-free time to prepare for and celebrate the holidays, whatever holidays you may be celebrating.

One of my greatest joys this time of year is selecting gifts for my loved ones. It may seem strange to you that I consider you amongst my loved ones, but I do. You see, for nearly 12 years now, I’ve been writing to you, writing for you, watching you learn about Migraine disease, encouraging you and giving you pep talks, crying with you, laughing with you… you get the point. My children are grown and have flown the nest; my husband is retired. I can spend my time working to make our lives better, to make sure that our grandchildren who have Migraines have an easier time of it than my generation has had. So, you ARE my family.

Migraine Family Gift When it comes to selecting a gift for you, you’re more difficult than our teenaged granddaughters! After much deliberation, I’ve made donations to the following organizations in your name – the online Migraine and headache community:

If you still need holiday gifts for anyone with Migraines or another headache disorder, please keep in mind that you can still donate to these organizations online in time for the holidays.

My holiday wish for you is complex. I wish you many things — joy, peace, love, better Migraine management, a good doctor, and much more!

Happy, happy holidays!

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