I've been quite under the weather lately, trying REALLY (I mean really!) hard to resist taking my Relpax + Naproxen combo when headachey since the pain has been so consistent. I can't tell if I'm suffering from the much-researched, much-talked-about medication overuse headache (MOH), spring weather trigger overload, or just a particularly bad Migraine bout. I haven't had daily headache battles in quite awhile, and I feel pretty upset about their sudden return in the last few weeks. It's gotten me pretty down.

If I don't take Relpax right away, then I sit around feeling awful and am horrible company for others and, most notably, myself.

If I do take it, I worry that the next day my pain will be worse and I won't be *allowed* to take any more since I have to limit myself to two triptans a week.

Ay. Woe is me.
Sad hours seem long.

The end.

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