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Part 2-How do you get through the holidays without making Migraines worse?

In my last post, I gave some of the Top Ten ways I get through the holidays by pampering myself. This doesn’t mean that I spend a ton of time on me, but it does mean I find getting through the holidays is much easier and everyone is happier when I remember to put myself on the list too.

To see ideas 1-3, see Part 1

4. Make music: Singing, chanting, humming, whistling – all create changes in our brains and bodies by raising endorphins, lowering stress hormones and changing brain waves to the alpha waves of relaxed alertness.

5. Light a candle somewhere near you each day. The soft flickering light of a candle is relaxing and makes most people feel that they are doing something special, even when they’re washing dishes in the kitchen or other household chores. The light from a candle is easy on Migrainey brains and eyes, and they are very cheap and easy to find, making them a no-brainer for this pampering list

6. Practice relaxation by taking a few moments from each day to think about your favorite things, whether you need it or not. Some people (like me) choose to spend this time in prayer for others who are important to me or hurting.

7. Get a regular massage: Even if it’s your spouse or kids helping you with this, massage is so important for some of our health, that insurance companies are even beginning to pay for it. Massage works to lower muscle and joint pain, increases the flow of lymph, increases circulation and oxygen saturation levels, releases painkilling endorphins, lowers stress hormones and enhances sleep quality. Drink lots of water after bodywork for optimal benefits and clearance of released toxins. Sitting in a Jacuzzi or hot tub will yield similar results.

8. Each day I try to dress to my shoes and some makeup, and put on a special piece of jewelry that I might not wear very often. For me, these pieces are usually heirlooms that help me feel the love of those whose company I can’t enjoy anymore. Not only do I feel better, but my family appreciates seeing me much more when I have taken a little extra time for this, than when I am wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt all day.

9. Put a little water on the stove to simmer away the dry harsh air. My sinuses and throat feel better, and if I want, adding a little cinnamon stick and/or grated orange peel helps to spread soft comforting scents that don’t usually disturb my Migraine.

10. Planning: Making a list of the things that need to be done helps me to stay organized. It allows me to get things done much earlier than needed, and that results in less stress and some extra time each week. I try to take out one afternoon for planning each week, and have a running list for the month. Having the list makes it easier for Hubs or kids to help out too. They know where it is and at any time can choose something that’s not checked off yet to make life a little easier. If I get sick and miss a few things, I don’t have to explain anything to them, it’s already written down and ready to go ☺

Of course, nothing is probably going to make you feel pampered when you’re bedridden with a disabling Migraine attack, but maybe some of these tips will help you to think of others you do that you might want to share with us here!

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