Patient Prescription Assistance Programs: Help Getting Your Medication

Few things in life are more stressful than living with a serious health condition and wondering where the money to pay for necessary medications will come from. For many patients, prescription assistance programs can provide much needed help.

Many of these programs require you to be uninsured and not receiving Medicare benefits. But there are also opportunities for people on Medicare and with other types of insurance to save money, especially if your income is low. For instance, through the Rx Assist website AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals offers a discount on Zomig nasal spray (a migraine treatment medication) for Medicare Part D members who have spent more than three percent of their income on medications in the current year and whose income is below the federal poverty level. If you are insured there are hundreds of options for you to explore.

The site Needy offers a prescription discount card that has somewhat looser eligibility requirements. For instance, a Medicare recipient who is in the donut hole can use this card and so can a patient who has insurance, but no prescription coverage or a high drug deductible. There are many other similar discount cards available through other organizations, such as Rx Hope, True Rx Savings and eSun Health. I haven't used these cards and don't know anyone who has, so please do your homework to make sure you know what you're agreeing to and whether the program will meet your needs.

Pharmacy chains like Walgreens also offer discount programs. The Walgreens program is called the Prescription Savings Program. You pay a small enrollment fee and get three months of many generic drugs for around $12 each. Medicare patients are not eligible for this program, but most other people are. CVS offers a similar program called the Health Savings Pass.

These sites all offer a variety of prescription assistance programs:

Access to Wellness
Needy Meds
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Rx Assist
Rx Hope
Together Rx Access

Many prescription and over the counter drug manufacturers provide coupons for medications regardless of income level.

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