Power of the Power Vacation

At my bookshop, we do a lot of author visits and special kids’ events in the shop week to week; occasionally, I travel to other parts of Athens or the state to host off-site events, where we sell books outside of the shop.  One of the places I go from time to time is a resort-style community and vacation spot that’s an hour away.  The events coordinator there is more than generous and has given me a handful of coupons, each good for a fully-paid night away (including dinner, a cottage to stay in, a boat rental, and breakfast the next day—not a bad perk!).

I tried to coordinate with Jim (my beau) and two of our friends to so we could pick a time to get away all together, but we couldn’t get our schedules to align.

Then July rolled around and I realized I had a coupon that was going to expire in a few days’ time, and I had to act fast.  I looked at my work schedule, shuffled a few things around, and texted my friend S. (who had gone out of town with me to the same spot before).  She also owns a business and has a very busy schedule, so it was amazing we could put something together last minute.

On the way to the lake for our 22-hour trip, she and I gushed about how excited we were to get away, even if we still had to do work while we were at the cottage. S. mentioned how restorative she thought it’d be in spite of its brevity.

“Power vacation!” she exclaimed, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the term and its accuracy.  As a longtime fan of the power nap (30 minutes max, though this is hard for me) and the power snack (amazing how it turns my mood and energy around to have a little something in my tummy), I was way into the phrase POWER VACATION.

Having just a day to escape my regular routine was such an important thing to do for my mental health.  And, as we migraineurs know, de-stressing and taking care of our mental health can have very positive effects on our physical health when it comes to migraines.  I felt good and strong while I was there—I did a lot of work, had a lot of downtime, and, upon returning to Athens, I felt as if I’d been gone for several days instead of just one night. Power vacation indeed!

Do you ever get away for a brief trip to give yourself a mental health break?  How have such quick getaways affected your migraine patterns, for better or for worse? And do you have any tips for those who need a vacation but don’t have time for a long one?

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