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Precision-Tinted Lenses Help Reduce Migraine-Related Visual Disturbances

According to a small study, episodic migraineurs who were fitted with a special type of glasses called precision ophthalmic tinted lenses experienced a reduction in visual disturbances often associated with migraine with aura.

Researchers fitted 11 migraineurs and 11 non-migraineurs with three different types of lenses: the precision-tinted lenses, grey lenses and control color lenses. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine cortical spreading depression and low pass spatial frequency tuning they showed the research subjects both specific visual stimuli known to trigger migraine attacks and non-triggering patterns.

The brains of migraineurs wearing gray or control color lenses and exposed to the triggering striped patterns were triggered in ways believed to be related to development of migraine attacks. Both when they were exposed to stressful and non-stressful patterns the discomfort of migraineurs wearing the precision-tinted lenses was significantly reduced. In past studies 42% of patients wearing precision-tinted lenses experienced a reduction in migraine attacks. Considering the new information and what we already know, it is reasonable to conclude we could lower the trigger threshold of migraineurs whose attacks are triggered by visual disturbances by fitting them with precision-tinted lenses.

Two of the theories right now about what happens in the brain when a migraine attack is triggered are related to cortical spreading depression and low pass spatial frequency tuning (particularly regarding visual disturbances). Researchers found that both of these factors were impacted by research subjects wearing the precision-tinted lenses. The precision-tinted lenses ability to normalize of these two factors provides evidence of the neurological impact of these lenses.

Patient Advocate Ellen recently wrote an article for with information about tinted lenses for migraine prevention: What color of eyewear is best for light sensitivity?. If you think this might be a good option for you I encourage you to review that article and meet with an eye doctor who might be able to help you obtain them.

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MRI Evidence That Precision Ophthalmic Tints Reduce Cortical Hyperactivation in Migraine


  • Linda Barham Nabors
    8 years ago

    I have seen info on the web about optix eyewear for migrane sufferers, but no one has specific info about prescription lenses. I cannot wear contacts due to dry eye problems. I am interested in this subject, but I can’t seem to find any certain Dr’s or web sites that have anything available right now to help me. Can anyone find some specifics for me and my Dr. to look into?

  • Michelle Desai
    9 years ago

    Hi! Does anyone know where I can get these precision-tinted lenses? Would Oakleys have them? Sunlight, bright light and glare are major triggers for me and I am desperate to find these lenses/sunglasses! Thanks!

  • Michelle Desai
    8 years ago

    Hi Eileen, thanks a million my dear …. where in S’pore can i get these from??!!!

  • Eileen New Destiny Awaits
    8 years ago

    U can get this from Spore ….. I can help u SHOP !!! 🙂

  • Debra Wright
    9 years ago

    Bright Light will bring on a horrible migraine. I have extra dark sunglasses and keep my house blinds closed during most of the bright sunny day. It’s horrible way to live but I don’t have the choice. When the sun starts to set, I feel my migraine pain releasing from a 8 level down to a 4 or 3. I don’t understand why bright light effects me so.

  • Ellin Kirk
    9 years ago

    I definitely want to check this out.I have a former daughter/law who also might benefit from this study.

  • Barbetta Reedy
    9 years ago

    When I have a migraine I wear dark pink sunglasses they cut the glare and seem to help me. My eyes have to get used to them then I have no problem (everything is pink when I put them on).

  • Jill Oglesby Dehlin
    9 years ago

    I participated in this study @ MSU. I used a colorometer to choose the lens color that had the most calming visual effect. My color was blue-green. Then did a one-hour stint in the fMRI machine. My optometrist says I can get colored contact lenses made to order….

  • Karen Rybarczyk Braun
    9 years ago

    Using the power of Color Science to relieve pain!

  • Moira C. Prister
    9 years ago

    really interesting stuff….we use some of this with ids who are having trouble reading, and Andrew wore sunglasses for a year in school because of migraines and the fluorescent lights.

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