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Migraine: Premonition

Migrane Awareness Month

Where would you like to see treatment options for Migraine & Headache Disorders be in the future? 

If the days of our future were written on 100 tiny pieces of paper, and someone threw them up into the air and placed those days randomly in your life, you’d have the basic premise of the movie “Premonition”.

Sandra Bullock learns the devastating news that her husband has been killed in a tragic auto accident, only to find him alive and well the next morning.   The next weeks are a crazy mix of past, present and future and she tries to sort out the mess and solve the mystery, only to learn in the end that you can’t cheat what the future has in store for us.  In this twisted story, Sandra’s character finds an amazing end to her tragedy.  It gives her closure and a beautiful future, filled with happiness she had never before considered – a great change from the sadness and loss she once thought her life was doomed to become.

I am a firm believer that I have met the doctors who are going to someday change my life.  Like those 100 tiny pieces of paper fluttering to the ground, I often feel lost in the confusion, yet filled with the need to know that there is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for all of us.  Each day that I read new research makes me feel like I am standing in the middle of a pile of slips of paper, desperately reading each one as I try to find a clue to the day the pain and disability will end.  I pray every day for the morning I wake up and my past comes up for another turn… and my Migraines are no longer disabling.

I desperately want my life back.  But it’s more than that.

I love the patients I work with, but I don’t ever again want to spend days worrying that a suicidal patient who has suddenly disappeared has died, or pray with a friend that they will be able to find another home to move their family, because they’ve lost the job they needed or the space they’ve called home for the last several years.  I don’t want to spend hours every day praying that patients on a new drug will be free from potentially debilitating or even fatal side effects from their efforts at retrieving their lives.  I don’t want to feel guilty anymore because I spent my last $10 paying for my own meds instead of helping a friend pay for theirs.

Over the years I’ve both talked and joked about potential treatments for Migraine.

  • What if I could pick up a magical stick off the ground, wave it in front of you and your Migraine would magically disappear?  *Migraines – BE GONE!*
  • What if we could find the genes that contribute to our disease and discover a gene therapy that would obliterate Migraine for us and for our children – forever?
  • What if we could get one million Migraineurs and healthy people to donate their brains upon their deaths, so scientists could use them to discover a cure?
  • I’ve had a hundred disillusioned people tell me that if I would just eliminate my stress, my Migraines would go away too.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if they were right?!!
  • I’ve been bribed so that I would have a reason to *feel better* and reclaim my life.  What a wonderful thing it would be to simply choose to be free from chronic Migraine!
  • Scientists are working with antibodies to help eliminate our pain.  This one is real!  Although I find myself crossing fingers and toes for it to work, I know that there is a real possibility that it might be an answer for us, years down the road.

So this post is supposed to be about a miracle I guess.  We need a miracle.  But what kind of miracle?

I’m a simple person.  I don’t much care how the miracle happens, just that it does.

So I pray.  I pray every day that the miracle of a cure is discovered soon enough that my kids and I can benefit from it.  I pray it happens before they become chronic and are disabled like I am.  I pray for a miracle that means the end of Migraine related suicide, and accidental drug overdoses, and permanent side effects.  I want a miracle that eliminates lost lives and families, and productivity and a need for families to make the horrendous choices many of them make every day just to survive.

I’m not picky God.  Use doctors as your tools.  Use surgeons.  Use nutritionists or acupuncturists or integrative doctors.  Use an English teacher, paleontologist or entomologist – I don’t care.  Use a housewife, or a patient or caregiver.  Use a chicken – I’d be thrilled with a miracle from a chicken!

Just let us find our miracle soon, Lord… please.

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