Prescription drug prices are out of CONTROL

Let's just talk about how zonisamide, the generic form of Zonegran, costs me $25.00 for a month's supply at my local Kroger pharmacy. I think the regular price is $35.00 but they gave me a lower price to keep me from leaving. That's 90 pills for $25. Pretty nice, eh? (The brand-name drug is way more, as I'm sure you could guess.)

As I've mentioned before, I have no insurance, so all prices mentioned here are what one must pay if she has no health plan and no prescription coverage.

I was out of town for Thanksgiving and didn't have enough medication to last me the whole time. I figured I'd have my neurologist call my prescription into a Florida pharmacy near my parents' house for the sake of convenience. Walgreens was the closest place--heck, there are about 83 within five square miles of their subdivision. Ridiculous. The same exact number of the same pills (same generic drug manufacturer, mind you) had an unbelievable price tag: approximately $130 (give or take a few bucks) for 90 days. No, they don't match prices. (Kroger and other leading and not-so-leading drugstores do.)

IT IS SCANDALOUS. Truly. They do this just for profit, just because they can. If you know of some other reason, then let me know. I doubt that Kroger gets the drugs for a lot cheaper than Walgreens does. I bought a few days' worth instead. I spent $21 and change on enough pills for vacation--that's almost as much as I spend on an entire MONTH when I'm at my home sweet home.

I'm so angry.
Justifiably so, I think.

Figured I'd share my righteous indignation with you all on this fine, overcast Sunday afternoon.

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