Procrastination station

Being away for two weeks certainly broke up the momentum I'd had going on my blog. I hope none of you have given up on me, as I aim to write more frequently now that I'm home again. Two weeks doesn't seem long at all, but it certainly changes things when you're out of town with very limited computer access. It was pretty nice to ignore email for days at a time, that much I can tell you. I realized how much time I spent online and was, to be honest, a bit disgusted by it.

So I'm trying to spend my time online in a more productive way. As much as I'm passively interested in what my friends' status updates on facebook are, I realize this is not a good use of time! I think back to my elementary school report cards. There was a category called "uses time wisely," and I always got an E for excellent there. Little did the teachers know that my habits at home were soon to be horrendous. I'm sure my mother could tell many an unpleasant tale of my telling her the week before the science fair that I needed a backboard and a project. This procrastination problem was an issue for me during high school, college, and even into graduate school. (It still is an issue now, but the deadlines are looser and therefore I pretend it's not a problem.) How is this related to the internet? Oh yeah. I'll go online with the express purpose of checking my work email and end up spending thirty minutes listening to my friends' music on myspace or playing Scrabble online with friends. Does Janet use time wisely? I'd give her an N for "needs improvement."

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