Questions to ask your doctor about your migraine treatment

Dr Marcus shares some important questions you should ask your doctor about your migraine treatment.

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Be sure to ask your doctor these important questions about your migraine treatment.

First why am I being prescribed this treatment? Find out if your migraine treatment is a specific migraine therapy or design to reduce general migraine symptoms. The medication might be design to treat both migraine and another health problem you have.

Second, what should I expect this treatment to do for me? Is this treatment design to treat an individual headache episode or is it something you need to take everyday such as a migraine prevention medication.

Third, what is the best way to use this treatment? For example if your medication is designed to treat an individual migraine episode, should you take it early when your migraine symptoms first began or wait when the symptoms are more severe? If it is a once a daily medication for preventing headaches should you take it in the morning or at bedtime? Finally, find out if you should take it with food or on an empty stomach.

Fourth, what side effects might I expect? Each patient experience with a particular drug can be different; if one medication is unsatisfactory for you, another one might be more effective. Make sure you tell your doctor about all the other medications you use - over the counter, prescription, and also natural remedies and supplements to make sure that there are no drug interactions. Make sure you check to make sure your medication will not interfere with any other medical conditions you might have.

Writing down questions before your visit could be a good way to make sure you don’t forget what to ask.


Just like there are different types of migraines, there are different types of migraine treatments. Some medications provide migraine pain relief, while other medications address various migraine symptoms. Certain types of medications are designed to be taken on a regular basis in an effort to prevent migraine attacks from occurring. More information is available in the migraine treatment overview section.

To help determine the best type of treatment for you, it’s best to start with a migraine journal. Keeping an accurate, complete diary of every migraine attack and all of your symptoms will help your migraine specialist make a correct migraine diagnosis. The record of your symptoms will also assist the doctor in determining which treatment might work best for you.

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