Those quirky migraine symptoms.

Those Quirky Migraine Symptoms...

We know that migraine is so much more than just head pain - nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light... the list of possible symptoms seems to go on and on. While certain symptoms can be managed with an overall migraine management plan, sometimes it's helpful just to know you're not the only one experiencing that "quirky" symptom no one seems to talk about!

Here are a few of the less common symptoms discussed within our community. How does your migraine experience compare to that of others? Vote in the polls to see how others responded:


Do your movements become less refined during an attack? The Migraine Girl recently started wondering if her clumsiness is migraine-related or not.

Community Poll

Do you feel especially clumsy during a migraine attack?

Ear pain

If you've had a doctor look at your ears and tell you there’s no sign of infection, migraine could be the culprit. Learn more from Kerrie in this post.

Community Poll

Do you experience earaches (pain, burning, etc)?

Sensitivity to touch

If even the light breeze from a ceiling fan is painful during an attack, you're not alone. Learn more about migraine, alloydnia, and central sensitization.

Community Poll

Are you sensitive to touch (ex: your skin or "hair" hurts)?

Puffy eyelid(s)

Although eyelid edema - is rarely discussed in medical literature, many of the members here at have mentioned experiencing this potential symptom.

Community Poll

Do your eyelids get puffy with a migraine attack?

Mystery smells

Many people have noted experiencing olfactory hallucinations (phantosmias) - smelling things that aren't there - during an attack. This type of "mystery smell" is thought to be part of migraine aura.

Community Poll

Do you ever smell things that aren't really there during an attack?

What other symptoms would you like to see more discussion about? Please share in the comments!


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