Research Opportunity: How Does Migraine Affect Your Life?

If you have migraines, you know migraines can touch many areas of your life. Migraine is more than "just a headache" or a pain disorder―migraine can change how your go about your day, how you feel about yourself, and how you interact with important people in your life. A lot of research has been conducted asking people with migraine how their lives have been affected. Questions typically ask about interference with work, household, and social activities. While missing work and other activities is important, that's only part of the story. A few studies had also investigated the impact of migraine on relationships:

  • In 2003, Lipton and colleagues surveyed 1142 adults about migraine impact
    • 19 percent missed at least 3 days of family and/or social activities during the preceding 3 months
    • 32 percent avoided making plans
    • 63 percent reported a negative impact on relationships with their children
  • In 2004, Dueland and colleagues surveyed 1810 adult female migraineurs in Europe and Israel
    • 62 percent missed time with family or friends because of migraines at least once during the preceding six months
    • 23 percent said migraine stressed relationships with family and friends

Additionally, in our own Migraine in America study 40% of respondents reported that migraines affected their relationships with just over 10% reporting that migraines contributed to divorce or separation.

We decided to find out what's happening in the migraine community in 2013. In conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh, we're conducting a survey of adults with migraine to learn how migraine affects important aspects of your life. To better understand a broader impact picture of migraine, we're relying on you to share your thoughts and experiences with us.
We want to learn more about your migraines. By spending a few minutes on our survey, you will help us learn more information about migraines that can benefit people with migraines and healthcare professionals. This survey is completely anonymous. Your responses cannot be matched to any personal information or identifiers. The survey consists of a maximum of 46 multiple choice questions and should take up to approximately 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation!

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