Righteous indignation

I am angry.

I am so ticked off that I have to resist the urge to pound on something. It’s a kind of righteous indignation you get when you see an injustice and impulsively attempt to right a wrong. When it comes to migraine advocacy, there is one thing I cannot stand.  People who prey on sick, desperate patients, tempting them with offers of a so-called “cure” are the worst kind of trolls.

The unsolicited sales pitch

Not long ago I found a laminated sheet of paper stuck on my door. The title shouted in bright red, bold font, “Headaches & Pain?” On the back side of this advertisement it says…

# 1 Your Headaches, Migraines, & Pain ALWAYS happen for a reason! Please don’t ignore the true cause.

The double-sided brochure was an advertisement from a local chiropractor. His sales pitch was targeted to headache and migraine sufferers who have “tried everything”. So basically, he was targeting desperate people who were most likely to reach for almost anything to get a break from the pain.

I laughed at the irony.

I wondered what kind of reaction I might receive if I walked into his clinic and called him out. Here I was, one of the few people in town who could successfully call his bluff. Except I don't think he was bluffing. I think he really believes he knows what causes migraine.

The worst kind of fool is the one who believes his own lies.

I wanted to contact this misinformed chiropractor and straighten him out. I just didn’t know if it would even be worth my time. I don’t know him, so my criticism of his business would be uninvited and, most likely, poorly received. Would I make an enemy or an ally?

You just don’t know who the trolls are anymore until they come back to bite you in the rear. If I were his patient, I wouldn’t hesitate to challenge him on this issue. In fact, I did challenge my own chiropractor on this and many other issues. Ultimately, we parted ways because I could no longer accept recommendations that were unsupported by research and he would not name his sources. It was a difficult thing to do because I really liked him.

There are a lot of wonderful doctors, chiropractors, and other health care providers who really do understand migraine. I have to believe that the one behind the ad on my door and the one I fired are exceptions, not the rule. Just do yourself a favor. If you ever encounter this kind of heavy-handed marketing, run away as fast as you can. Anyone who claims to know the cause of migraine is LYING to you.

Just in case you were all wondering…


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