Round Two: Migraine Diary

The second cycle of onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) injections was fast and relatively easy.

Because I was scheduled to attend Headache on the Hill in Washington, DC we had to do my injections a week earlier than the protocol suggests.  We were worried about our insurance covering it, but there seemed to be no problems, which was a relief since struggling with insurance is such a battle these days.  Thank goodness for small miracles!

For more information on the Botox process, here is Part 1 of my Botox diary.

There were only a few changes from round one:

  • I didn’t have to go through and visit all the other treatment modality folks.  No psychology.  No nutrition.  No physical therapy.  I saw my wonderful doctor and was out the door in record time.
  • Pain. The first time I didn’t seem to notice the sting as much as round two.  This time the sting was sharper.  Clearer.  Even more like a bee or wasp sting.  I felt myself wanting to rub the spots more than the first cycle.  Still, the neuralgia is so much worse that this was really nothing to me.
  • My doctor was even more careful to avoid the muscles in my shoulder that got so weak with the first round of injections.
  • The injections in my forehead were slightly shifted to more evenly cover the area I tell people is about the size of a football field, lol.
  • I Migrained on the way home.  I don’t know if the injections triggered this, or if I was just due for another nasty one, but thankfully my meds worked reasonably well and I slept most of the way home.
  • I have had some super good days sprinkled among the icky ones – the last 5 days I have taken Flexeril for muscle spasms, but no daily indomethacin – awesome.  I’m not pain free, but managing my pain has not been as much of a challenge as it would have been a month ago. Is this the result of the Botox?  I really can’t say as it’s not been long enough yet to really know.  I’m just glad for any moments of relative peace in my life.

Some of what happened was exactly the same:

  • Although some of my facial neuralgias (shooting pain) had returned, it got much better after 2-3 weeks post injections again.
  • The coolness of the injections was soothing, and the sting was gone within moments after the injections.  The minimal response I get is still SO worth a couple seconds of the sting.
  • I did still feel muscle fatigue after the first week post-injection, although it wasn’t nearly as noticeable.  This again passed within about 2 weeks with no problems… now that I know just what to do to treat it.

At this point I am still happy with the therapy.  I do wish I was getting miraculous results like some of my online pals have, but I’ll take this little baby step and be happy that at least it’s headed in the right direction.  Sometimes it takes combinations of therapies to be really helpful for us enough to get back into life again.

We’ll keep searching for my answers, but for now, the Botox is helping me get through my days and that’s so very meaningful for me.

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