Routines are hard when migraine is in the mix

Despite my nature (which dictates that I live messily and spontaneously and hope others can fly by the seats of their pants as well), I am trying to become someone who plans ahead. I know:  gasp.  I’ve blogged before about what a procrastinator I am, and I know that putting things off until the last minute isn’t a good idea for anyone, let alone for someone who could get waylaid by migraine at any moment.

But I’m encountering a whole new set of issues as I try to establish a more solid work routine at home and at my business.  I have a virtual meeting with my events coordinator each week. I have a set payroll schedule. I have publishers I have to pay by certain dates. I have documents to file by particular deadlines.  In my home office, I try to set up calendar alerts and plans to make sure I have a good idea of the weeks and months ahead.  I set up calendar alerts and reminders so I can spread my work out among different dates.

Too bad all that shizzy hits the fan as soon as I am thrown off course by a migraine.  Say I am supposed to write one blog post per week and I’ve set aside Monday afternoons for that.  Well, a migraine comes along and I end up in bed most of the day Monday, not in a good mindframe for writing.  By the time Tuesday rolls around, blogging time is over, as we’re onto Tuesday’s schedule.  See what I mean?

In good health times, I thrive with routine.  I feel better and more productive when I awake early each day and go to bed around the same time each night. I love having a plan and pattern to my day (this is especially true when I’m working from my home office, which is rife with delightful distractions).  But everything gets wonky when a migraine intrudes and disrupts the schedule.  So routine is my friend, but I don’t treat it very nicely when I break from the pattern.  It’s hard to fall back in step once I’m feeling good again.

How do you all cope with routine? Do you find that scheduling regular plans and appointments is a help or a hindrance? How often do you feel your migraines make you throw your plans out the window?

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