Running from loud toilets, dryers, and more!

In a previous post I mentioned how the sheer pain I felt when a little girl was drying her hands using an XLERATOR â„¢ was confirmation for me that I had a migraine after all. But thinking about that experience made me think about how I always avoid loud noises, even when I am not in the midst of a migraine episode.

As you probably know, migraineurs tend to be hypersensitive to the world around them. Bright lights, harsh smells, loud noises, and the like can be hard to tolerate, even when the migraineur is not in the midst of an attack.

I, for one, opt to skip on the hand-drying or use tree-killing paper towels in lieu of the high-powered, ultra-loud automated hand dryers in many public restrooms. But I also have other weird habits when it comes to avoiding loud noises.

I wear earplugs at the movie theatre (when I actually remember them), and I never go to a music performance without some squishy earplugs in my pocket. I often wince when the music in the car is too loud and have to be the party pooper who turns it down to a level that doesn’t throb or pierce my eardrums. And I run from loud toilets.

You heard me right: I run from loud toilets. There’s one in particular I’m thinking of, a toilet in a downtown Athens business establishment that is so loud I will bend my head to the side to protect my left ear with my left shoulder and will protect my right ear with my right palm. I’ll pick up my bag and open the door with my one free hand and run from the stall so I don’t have to hear the deafeningly loud flush. I’ve only been caught doing this once and I just smiled at the seemingly confused girl who was waiting to use the toilet after me.

Have any of you had issues with the loudness/harshness of public restroom hand dryers or toilets? I see I’m not the only one who’s noticed this but wonder what you think. Have you ever been “caught in the act” as you do something kind of silly to avoid harsh noises, lights, or smells?

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