Scalp & hair pain

Scalp & hair pain

I sometimes feel extra sensitive on my scalp when I’m having a Migraine; without a doubt, I am a girl who can’t stand to have a regular ponytail in for more than a few minutes because of the aches that come as a result. During and right after a Migraine, I’ve been known to feel scalp pain.

But this is different. All day the crown of my head has ached as if I had a ponytail pulling on it–but I hadn’t put my hair up at all when the pain started. The pain is all around the roots of my hair and is exacerbated by my pressing on my ultra-sensitive scalp. It’s truly a strange sensation, especially since, as I’ve said, I didn’t have a ponytail in, nor am I having a Migraine.


A cursory Google search gave me some leads when I looked up “scalp pain” and “hair pain,” but I’m doubting I have the ailments (other than Migraine) mentioned as possible reasons for scalp pain.

This post is mainly for myself in the case this continues–it’d be nice to be able to tell my neurologist when it started and how it felt.

Does anyone here feel this same sensation sometimes?

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