Shooting pain/lightning headaches

Occasionally, I suffer from little spasms of pain in my brain. They're always unilateral, usually on the right side. Today it's been happening again, and I'm not worried about it--I'm just aggravated and in pain for a few seconds at a time.

It feels less like a zap of powerful lightning in my brain than it does a rapidly-lit, long fuse. You know how Road Runner cartoons feature dynamite with really long fuses? And the fuse gets lit on one end and slowly, slowly works its way to the actual explosive? It feels like that, but VERY fast. A little zippy pain that shoots from the bottom-middle of the back of my head to my temple. Over and over. Every few moments, then stops, then resumes minutes or hours later.

Pinched nerve? Sinus problems? Cluster headache? All of these things sound as if they could be a possibility, but I don't buy 'em. As I said, I'm just annoyed. Luckily my healthy pattern of diagnosing myself by reading internet articles led me to a few on brain aneurysms. I'm not having one-whew!

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