Sleep Sleep Sleep

I know I need to get on a normal sleep schedule someday. A disrupted sleep schedule can lead to migraine episodes. Boy, do I ever have disrupted sleep and abnormal sleeping patterns. I certainly don't have a predictable schedule, that's for sure.

How do I change my sleep schedule?

But how can I de-night-owl myself? I love staying up late. And I need several hours of solid sleep to feel up to having a whole day of work and play, so that means waking up at a late hour in the morning if I'm going to bed late. And on the days I have to work earlyish and have gone to bed lateish, that means getting not as much sleep as I'd wanted, so after work's over, I'm definitely ready for a nap.

Naps have been worse for my migraine

And lately, naps haven't been reinvigorating and rejuvenating. Instead of making me feel better, the last two naps I've indulged in have ended up leaving me feeling migrainous. Go figure.

It's a quarter to three in the morning. I'm going to convince myself I'm tired somehow. Sleep time.

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