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So so tired

So so tired.

All I can do is chalk it up to the changing of the seasons and perhaps a hint of brain fatigue: in the last couple of weeks I have been tuckered out by early afternoon. I’ve stayed awake and kept working; often by bedtime I am a little less tired (oddly enough), but I’m still ready to crash.

My doctors and knowledgeable friends have oft said that when it changes from winter to spring and then from summer to fall, sensitive types like us really feel it more than others. This can manifest in more migraine episodes and in increased tiredness. I’ve definitely noticed being more prone to migraine during this time of year, but the tiredness? Not so much. Of course it’s possible that I may have been just as exhausted in past years but I attributed the tiredness to my multi-week migraines.

This late summer, for the first time in years, I have not been battling a neverending migraine. (Knock on wood!)

My partner, Jim, suffers from a couple of chronic health issues himself, and those have been flaring up alongside his increased tiredness, so our house has been grumpy sleepyland lately.

I read in The Migraine Brain that drinking a couple of cool glasses of water can help with daytime tiredness—it’s true for me normally, but this bout of exhaustion goes untouched by caffeine and water intake, it seems.

Have any of you felt a marked difference in your tiredness level in the last few weeks? What do you do to combat this?

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  • Kelly Peacher
    8 years ago

    I too am more tired and find it hard to stay asleep at night this time of year. Going into Fall and Winter seem to be the worst time of year for me….sick of it!

  • Melisa71
    8 years ago

    I have been SO tired lately! I can usually push through if I have something I have to do, but if I sit still I’m out like a light. I fall asleep easily at night, but have a hard time staying asleep too. Then am sleepy all day. I’m on 200 mg of Topomax a day for prevention so luckily I haven’t had a full blown migraine for awhile now; just a really bad headache that lasts about a week. Season/weather change? I don’t know, but it’s horrible to be this tired ALL the time!

  • Alanna McCartney
    8 years ago

    I definitely get major HA issues and am really tiered, I thought it was due to the migraines that lasted the better part of the month and the perpetual Seattle darkness but now that I think about it I fi always have trouble at this changes in seasons. I know I’m just have to be mire dillagent about avoiding ALL my trIggers.

  • Jennifer Powell Thompson
    8 years ago

    I have noticed that I am tired earlier at night due to the shorter days/colder weather. This usually happens to me this time of year. I’m also more prone to getting a migraine if there’s a big change in temperatures brought on by a cold front.

  • Light Ndurue
    8 years ago

    Sure way to handle migraine!

  • Maureen Baxter Douglas
    8 years ago

    Agreed…..the last few weeks have bee horrible and now to top if off I have a head cold. Yuck.

  • Tisha Ramm Meyers
    8 years ago

    So Tired! Can’t sleep at night! Headaches during the day! Over it!

  • Sarah Scott Blankenship
    8 years ago

    Can’t stay awake during the day, can’t sleep at night, and the season changes do terrible things to my migraines and fibromyalgia. Maybe I need to just move somewhere tropical where the season is summer all the time:)

  • Barbara Collins
    8 years ago


  • Jill Edwards McDowell
    8 years ago

    I’ve noticed increased tiredness as well. I can’t seem to sit still for long without dozing off! I’ve always known that fall and winter were big migraine times for me. THe cold air just does something to my head and sets off a rounjd of migraines that last till warmer temperatures arrive again.

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