Springing into Action?

The weather has been gorgeous lately - ridiculously high temperatures for early and mid-March, puffy clouds, temperatures in the 70s, and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. This, of course, also means flowers and pollen and runny noses and sneezing.

Barometric pressure triggers my migraine

For me, it also means a stuffy head, tight neck, and an increase in migraine frequency. I've grown used to the fact that shifts in barometric pressure trigger my migraines. When it's going to rain, my temples and neck seem to know it before I even step outside or check the weather online.


Perhaps it's because I've only really started studying my migraine patterns in the last couple of years. Perhaps it's because seasons don't change all that frequently. In any case, from spring to spring, I forget how frustratingly stuffy and painful my head and body get while the weather patterns shift and winter disappears.

Over the counter medications

It's not at all uncommon for migraineurs to be affected by changes in weather. It's true that sinus medication might ease symptoms, but there's always the risk that taking over-the-counter medication will...

  • Lessen the effectiveness of the prescription medication.
  • Lead to an increase in the number of rebound headaches.
  • Lead to more intense migraines.

Yet another conundrum.

I paid for it today

I don't mean to simply use this as a forum for my own venting. Today, I found that spending the day outside was slightly painful but really enjoyable. I "paid for it" by having to lie low in the evening time, having a quiet dinner, and then canceling my tentative plans to spend time with friends because my headache's just bad enough not to socialize, but not bad enough for me to want to take prescription meds for the second day in a row.

So for me, it's bedtime.

For you, I wish you a pleasant day or evening, depending on when you're reading. Take care.

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