What’s your strangest migraine symptom?

We all know that migraine is so much more than “just a headache” -frequently accompanied by nausea/vomiting and light sensitivity. However, the less obvious symptoms associated with migraine often get overlooked – difficulty communicating, excessive yawning, smelling things that aren’t there, even distortion of body image and perspective.

Recently, we asked our Facebook community what their “strangest” migraine symptom was. With several hundred responses, here are some of the most common responses:


Tell us – what’s your strangest migraine symptom? When did you realize this was associated with your migraines?

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98 comments on “What’s your strangest migraine symptom?

  1. Raynor says:

    Hi I have only just discovered this site. I have been a sufferer for 35 years and the past 17years been on Beta blockers every morning as a preventer, they just prevent me being in chronic pain for weeks on end. However 7 weeks ago had a severe attack lasting 14 hours after the first 9 I started the vomiting, and then a new thing appeared and I collapsed and have no recollection of doing so waking up on floor in a different part of the room with devastation around me,since then for the last 7 weeks have suffered mild pain and eye pain also being of work all this time with it an MRI scan came back clear so not sure what other painkillers to try. I have also learnt that apparently having rose,red,blue or yellow tinted glasses are helpful for migraine sufferers has anybody else been told this? or have them? I am going to be re booking another eye test soon.

  2. bob says:

    right side of body feels cold to the touch left side feels hot to the touch really scary

  3. I have all the above and then some!
    Today I have a migraine and all can do is laugh at myself.
    MY 13 year old enjoys when I mis-speak and crazy sentences, and I have the shakes real bad….better laugh then cry!
    My also added to this list My ability to predict the weather~and he is right i get migraines with weather changes. Especially if storm is coming.

  4. Relieved to see so many of my “strange symtoms” already listed. This is why I love having a migraine community.
    Vertigo, facial and arm tingling, and numbness are scary, when it happens, but hopefully, all these symtoms are related to my migraines. Seeing a new nuerology specialist to make sure it’s all related.

  5. evan says:

    I am now 45 and about 1 yr 1/2 to 2 years ago I started getting or having extreme anxiety attacks or heart arrhythmias during a really bad hormonal or vomiting migraine.I don’t have insurance anymore and can’t get preventative medicine from a neurologist. It is extremely scary.

  6. The infusion and forgetting what I wanted to say mid sentence. I cannot find anything and my brain seems to have lost the ability to think clearly. I hate the hyper sensitivities to smell and sound. I thought being a human Doppler was the weirdest one, my kids tell me I’m more reliable than the guy on tv. Now I believe there’s an odd connection to the planets, with eclipses and meteor showers. There was no relief until all of the events stopped, then my head went to its normal daily level of pain. It’s odd.

  7. Carol Corey says:

    A metal taste in my mouth.

  8. Carol Corey says:

    Length of migraines: 12 hours to the minute. I once asked my Dr. at the Cleveland Clinic Headache Center if he thought that was strange. He said, after studying migraine for 40 years, nothing surprised him. My eyes get very droopy. I get a haziness in my vision, as a migraine is approaching.

  9. dragonfly512 says:

    Since a year numb toes on righthand side numb lips and cheek on right side of face burning sensation in arm on the right side. Befor that a sting behind the eye but thats gone now.

  10. Erin Dasher says:

    I’d have to say Vertigo which lasts even after the migraine is over for days on end. And when the migraine is in full force, I get extreme chills, like I’m running the highest fever…yet I don’t have one.

  11. Anne says:

    Sometimes it feels like there’s ice on my face. Other times, the entire left side of my body will hurt as though I’ve pulled every muscle I have. I definitely get the super-senses (smell, sound, colors exceptionally bright, etc.). I used to lose my eyesight with migraine when I was younger, but that has changed (luckily). Yawning before a migraine – someone on this board mentioned that and it has helped me to catch my migraines faster. Post nasal drip down one side of my sinuses. Dizziness. Nausea. Overwhelming fatigue – like I have to lie down wherever I am. After the migraine, it feels like my blood has been poisoned – my whole system feels toxic (no other way to explain it).

  12. Anne says:

    oh – and scrambled brain. I can’t think of words or I look at everyday words and have no idea of what they mean.

  13. aloofable says:

    My strangest symptom has got to be when I lose my short-term memory. I often find myself in a different room in my house at random for seemingly no reason. Not only that, but when I ask people what I was doing they don’t know either. I always assumed it was my mind’s way of playing tricks on me.

    Another strange one is when I experience vertigo. I will either stare at nothing and slowly lift my gaze until I’m staring straight up or I will have my eyes shut, usually while laying down. It makes me feel like I’m lying in a hammock that speeds up constantly until it can’t go any faster which is usually when i snap out of the “trance” that the vertigo puts me in.

    That actually may be its own symptom. I go into a trance-like state when I’m experiencing vertigo. I don’t respond to much of anything besides someone touching me or sudden loud noises (which don’t even snap me out of it half the time). The weird thing is, though that I feel like I’m in a state of complete bliss while this is going on. It both scares me and relaxes me to a terrifying degree. It’s almost as if I’m losing my mind while in a trance, but that’s not important to me at all during the trance because, apparently, nothing is more blissful then staring at a wall in my eyes.

  14. mkg723 says:

    Mine is that nothing tastes quite right before I get a migraine

  15. Jan Durham says:

    Nausea, leg tingling, arms too heavy to lift, r face and head numb, eye won’t
    stay open. They wake me up from sleep.

  16. Reading this makes me feel so much closer to normal…
    For years, I thought I was either losing my mind, or had a brain tumor of some sort, because of the two things: the Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome deal, and the fact that I’d often smell things that weren’t there. It never occurred to me that these had anything to do with the migraines I’ve suffered from since childhood. I’m also epileptic, so things get complicated.
    Thank you.

  17. Karen says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing all of your symptoms — sometimes you start to think you are the only one having this particular symptom and maybe there is something more seriously wrong with you that nobody can find. Lots of extra stress and frustration when even doctors look at you like you have gone off the deep end. Ha, thats often worse than the headache. No wonder so many of us dont get the help we need and deserve. But, ladies, we are strong and can overcome this. If you think you arent, ask yourself how you still have a life with this debilitating illness.
    I was diagnosed with intractable migraine after years of dealing with all kinds of odd symptoms. Ive been in an emergency room where nurses were screaming at me asking me what “I took” when I was speaking and only jibberish came out (dysphasic). I vomited so much and for so long, when I finally got to the hospital, I had esophageal spasms that had to be treated in addition to the headache. I had “abdominal migraines” at age 14 and was in the hospital for a week having all kinds of tests. I have to say, I never had that type of migraine again and there seems to be very little information about them — and even fewer doctors who have ever heard of abdominal migraines. Despite all of this, my strangest symptom is becoming dissociative shortly into the aura part…I look at my hands, and think, who do those belong to? My brain tells me what Im seeing isnt really there, but some tiny part of me knows that isnt true. The first time this happened, I was driving…very dangerous…but, I was terrified to pull over and have the police question me in that state. What a choice… I turned the radio up very loud, turned the ac up as high as it would go, rolled down the window, and talked to myself, etc. I seemed to know that a huge amount of stimulation would keep me “present” until I could safely stop. Fortunately, that part of the aura only lasts about half an hour. I also have had many of the symptoms that everyone here is describing and I sympathize with each of you. I will tell you, there is hope. Dont ever give up. Even if you have been dealing with this your whole life, dont let fear keep you from finding your answer to a better life. Mine has been complex to say the least and many times I wanted to quit. Ive found drugs that aren’t typically prescribed for migraines to be effective. In this era, we have the option to get our hormones on track with knowledgeable doctors using bioidenticals so you arent on the hormone rollercoaster – those ups and downs of the levels of hormones in your body can cause serious problems, in addition to migraines. There are answers and you deserve to find them. Its taken me 45 years (began migraines at 11 with serious car sickness episodes and the onset of periods)but, I cant change the past. Only keep moving forward and exploring all of my options. Ive found my answer — you WILL find yours.

  18. Katie M. Golden moderator says:

    Thanks for sharing your kind words and encouragement.
    You mentioned abdominal migraines. They are absolutely a form of Migraine that is rarely discussed or known to doctors other than Headache Specialists. They usually occur in children, which sounds like when you experienced them.


    Another symptom you mentioned that is new to you, is the feeling of disassociation from your body. There is name for this called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. You feel like your hands or parts of your body don’t belong to you. It can occur once or sometimes several times a day. It is thought to be part of the aura or prodrome phase of Migraines.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

  19. I can tell if I am going to get a migraine, or if a current headache is going to turn into a migraine by uncontrollable cussing. I open my mouth to say something and I add in curse words. It’s like a bad case of Tourette’s. “where is the milk, becomes where is the #%*^# milk!” And other choice phrases that I am so embarrassed for people to hear.
    Does anyone else have this?

  20. kmripple says:

    Yes! Never put two and two together until I read your comment. I curse in everyday life, but what you say is so true. I speak like a sailor sometimes, and it doesn’t even matter who I am talking to.

  21. jjw82 says:

    Nausea is always my biggest complaint but I think it is for a lot of people. I can usually tell if I have a migraine coming because I start to overheat. I get hot for no reason and my face flushes. I do yawn a lot also and get tingly sore feet. I’m glad to learn about the Alice in wonderland aspect because for the last two years I have had this happen on and off and just thought I was going crazy. I will lose my ability to really hold a conversation without constantly saying wait it’ll come to me.
    My scariest thing that ever happened was when I almost passed out at work just standing there. My heart raced things got blurry abs I got dizzy and I stopped hearing things around me. The customer I was waiting on at the time sat me down on the floor and about five minutes later I came back around fully feeling just fine even though my blood pressure was only 88/40 according to the paramedics. That one really scared me. That’s when I started looking up auras and realizing that I had been having them just not realizing they were them.

  22. Halo says:

    I yawn a lot. Can’t think of everyday words to complete sentences (like body wash Lmao). But I guess as far “odd” symptoms… It would be the dreams. My dreams are so out there, and they are usually in some weird 8mm mode..

    I cannot do the explanation justice in words but I’ll try. There’s an old toy for babies. You wind it up and it plays music while scrolling a picture, looping it over and over again. My dream was just like that. Only in technicolor and ask the shapes looked like Shrinky-dinks.

  23. Howard Fites says:

    I forgot… sinus problems but only on one side of my head. For years I thought I had allergies giving me headaches but I’ve been tested for everything and I’m not allergic to anything. If I have sinus problems on the left my migraine will be on the left, right and migraine is on the right.

    Also if it’s a really severe migraine my teeth will hurt on the same side of my head.

  24. My migraines are always on the same side the pain begins in the eye and nose and feels like sinus then within minutes is pressure along the whole side of face head and my temple. Then when i take my medication it makes my jaw burn.

  25. Howard Fites says:

    I get food cravings, very strong food cravings and I ALWAYS get the idea in my head that it will make me feel better. Oddly enough it’s mostly for soup, a bowl of hot soup. After I give in and eat I get sick as a dog. I have done this dozens of times but I just can’t ignore the craving in-spite of knowing what the outcome will be.

    On the subject of food one thing I do is Sorbet (lemon preferred). I eat it quickly so I will give myself a “brain freeze” which is extremely painful on top of a migraine but as the freeze backs off so does the migraine. Really weird but it has worked for me.

  26. CindyLee says:

    After almost 40 years of migraines I finally recognized that if one of my ears starts itching a lot inside, I need to take care. It will usually precede a migraine by a day or so. Very weird but now I trust it!

  27. So far, my strangest symptom is what I think is my aura. My imagination/brain sees things and then expands and shrinks them constantly and rapidly. This has recently started to cause me some anxiety. It’s pretty similar to the Alice in Wonderland aura, but it only happens when my eyes are closed. I also get light, sound, and smell sensitivity, nausea, vomiting(occasionally), restless leg, irritability, hunger (when I’m not nauseated), speech difficulty (fun with 4 young girls and the tendency to be moody), and dizziness. Sometimes the excess symptoms are worse than the head pain!

  28. lauren says:

    Martiegar commented that she hears noises that aren’t there. Woo hoo! How about marching bands? My mind can organize white noise into anything you like during prodrome. If I’m just waking into a migraine episode I can hear just about any member of the percussion section. Fortunately it’s limited to distant music, for short periods, and I can cut it off.

  29. Katie M. Golden moderator says:

    I think you and Martiegar are in the minority, but I have heard of people having musical hallucinations during their Migraines. Dr. Oliver Sacks, a famed neurologist who also suffers from Migraines, writes in his book “Migraine” and “Musicophilia” about this symptom. I had never heard of it before. I’ve been reading a lot of his stuff. It’s amazing what the human brain can do!

  30. manxmutt says:

    The evening before I get a migraine I feel elated and get really busy, just can’t stop. Those who know me tell me I am heading for a migraine, but I never seem to have that insight at the time. When I crash back down it all seems blindingly obvious.

  31. carla-fisher says:

    Man its strange reading all these things and realizing, hey! I do that too. Some I never really associated with my migraine until now. Thanks everyone its nice to know we’re not alone we are all unique even though we share the same disease.

  32. daniellek says:

    I was just feeling the exact same way! Now I know I’m not going crazy and I’m not alone.

  33. carla-fisher says:

    My weird symptom is that I crave chocolate. I also start getting very very talkative. Then when I try to lay down I cant get any sleep because I start getting excessive urges to urinate. I haven’t found any food triggers yet other than aspartame.

  34. Jules2dl says:

    Actually Carla, craving chocolate isn’t that weird; chocolate has magnesium in it. My neurologist said that if your mag level is dropping you may be trying to self-medicate by craving the chocolate. At last!!!! A medical reason to eat chocolate!!!

  35. Jules2dl says:

    For a long time, my weirdest symptom was that coffee, which I love, tasted and smelled just awful to me before and during a migraine. That one hasn’t happened in a long time though.
    I think now my strangest ones are that I have a tendency to lose my balance and fall down quite frequently, and the other one is that I get very emotional and cry.
    It ‘s strange how sometimes I get extremely hungry before a migraine, and sometimes I can’t eat at all. Mostly during a headache I live on ice cream (the cold helps), frozen berries, and coke; maybe a peanut butter sandwich if I can get someone to make it for me. Meat does not appeal to me during a headache.

  36. Crystalrz4 says:

    Cold! So very cold through in through every part of me, like I’m freezing.

  37. Stefania says:

    Aura of depression an hour or two before it hits hard

  38. Okie Sam says:

    Depersonalization / Derealization.

  39. Rhonda H. says:

    I’ve smelled things either differently, or that aren’t there. I tend to see stationary objects move in the corner of my eye. But by far the strangest is hearing voices. These precede my worst migraines, but I’ll either hear someone calling my name or it’ll sound like I’m in a crowded room. The audio hallucinations are among my first experiences with severe migraines.

  40. scotchbonnet says:

    I have several, constant yawning, very painful hair, can barely touch or separate it at the roots, runny nose, and can smell wet ash trays.

  41. Glory says:

    Hmm, and while I’m at it, might as well share husband and son weird symptoms(both chronic at this point).

    Husband is strange smells and nothing tastes right. We all know when he complains everything everything smells like it is rotting and tastes even worse, it is a very bad few days coming. Even worse are when he suddenly develops a backache for literally no reason at all. He does have significant arthritis in both his cervical and lumbar spine, so we suspect the spinal pain may somehow be contributing to the head pain?

    My son has the sleep deprivation neck pain, extreme body weakness,etc, especially when a storm front hits. I think his scariest symptom is literally falling down unconscious. I see him staggering down the hallway hugging the walls and my heart pretty much stops since I cannot hold him upright if he goes down. Best either I or his sister can do is grab him, hug the wall and hope we can get him to the floor without more injury to his body.

    He would probably say the body itching is his strangest symptom since he then tends to scratch himself into open sores. He just cannot stop himself.

  42. Glory says:

    I guess I must be the original “Alice”. One of my most horrible experiences was walking down the street and losing awareness of what size I was. As far as my brain was concerned, I had suddenly grown several feet and no longer knew how to walk, or, for that matter, much of anything else. I think I ended up sitting on the curb for hours until a dear friend found me and led me home, by which point I was well within the aura part of the dreams and knew what was coming. (Not that I could actually walk without assistance, mind you!)

    I would place in second place my unawareness that some of my migraines were of the hemiplegic variety, fortunately rare occurrences. To have severe stroke symptoms at age 24 and literally no way of getting help since I was unable to talk, walk or think coherently was hideously distressing. The first time this happened, I think I somehow managed to get on the couch, diagnose myself as having a probable stroke, and wait to die. I was amazed I was still alive the next day.

    I’m now approaching 60. The Alice in Wonderland thing is now second nature, although still very very strange, since it is pretty much impossible to complete any task in the world when your your body image is that distorted. The hemiplegic ones are more troublesome since now I do need to treat them as a possible stroke. Lovely, yes?

    Kiwichuck,I find what you say interesting. I have found prior to a severe migraine I also crave protein, although mine cravings tend to be more of the seafood variety. My daughter has noted that any time I suddenly must have real liverwurst on a hard roll or a hot tuna sub tells her I’m heading into the badlands again. Unfortunately, lobster is out of my reach!

    I did not reach criteria for any formal intestinal disease (literally everything is borderline), but my gastro Dr has now put me on the fodmap regime, so maybe that will prove to be part of the answer.

    My husband with chronic migraine post age 50 shows no such urge. My son, afflicted since he was 8, and progressing to chronic status at 18, craves salty dry foods, but part of that may also be due to the nausea/vomiting part of things. I’m afraid most of my issues are probably due to the original bad gene, since both my sons are migrainers sufferers and there is a strong family history. But then, what if it is a digestive problem sparking all of this?

    Don’t know until you try, I guess.

  43. kiwichuck says:

    Before a migraine, I’m always dying for a steak. I crave meat. And I never put two and two together until I’ve got the migraine, and then I go ‘Oh yeah, that’s what that steak frenzy was’.
    On another note, I’ve been a migraineur since I was 14 (I’m now 42). I was getting a migraine every couple of weeks. But a year ago I was diagnosed with coeliacs disease. I had none of the normal symptoms you would expect, except migraines. When I got tested, my antibodies were over 350 – normal levels are under 10 – and an endoscopy revealed severe damage to my small intestine. Since I’ve removed gluten from my diet, my migraines are far less frequent. My antibodies are still in decline. So I’m hoping that once they fall to normal levels, I’ll be totally migraine free.
    Just so you know, I was one of those people who used to roll their eyes when people said they had food allergies. Now, I urge anyone with a migraine to get a blood test. That’s all it takes to check your levels. If you don’t have it, great! You get to eat bread and pasta happily ever after. If you do, maybe it could mean a whole new life. Either way there’s an upside!

  44. Pamela says:

    During the prodrome and pain phases, I crave carbohydrates and sweets. Also, for some strange reason, eating a protein source (meat,peanuts) sometimes helps reduce or eliminate my migraine pain. I get major brain fog, and I just cannot think clearly; it seems that communication issues are connected to the brain fog-it takes me longer to form and verbalize thoughts. It takes a lot of effort for me to be mentally productive. I also encounter sudden onset of excessive fatigue. I feel like I could give Rip Van Winkle a run for his money.

  45. Dee says:

    Strange smells or heightened smell has always been my strangest migraine symptom. It baffled many doctors 20 years ago when it first occurred. From PCP to ENT to finally a neurologist who diagnosed me with migraine. I remember how anxious it made me and to this day is nicknamed “the smelly”.

  46. Woody says:

    My most unusual symptom is icy cold feet regardless of the weather. Does anyone else suffer from this

  47. scotchbonnet says:

    Yes, I have to wear socks in bed, other wise I get severe cramp in the night.

  48. Katie M. Golden moderator says:

    Rae- you are not alone! Here’s a post about icy fingers and toes.


  49. Angel says:

    The weirdest symptom that I experience is once I finally get to lay down with the migraine & I feel like I’m floating over my body (out of body). Has anyone else ever experienced this? It freaks me out, no matter how many times it happens.

  50. carla-fisher says:

    I do, and it does feel pretty freaky

  51. David says:

    I think that is part of the connection to epilepsy. There is an oddity of childhood epilepsy which I experienced very similar to this. It was a strange feeling of not only being “outside the body” but at the same time seeing myself as very small, perhaps just my whole body lying on the pillow. I have read about this being a form of childhood epilepsy. Little did I know that years later I would develop migraines. I have also learned recently that my mother had “sick headaches” when I was a young child. I just thought she had a bad headache, but now we know it was likely migraines, they just didn’t have a name for them then.

  52. David says:

    WOW! What an interesting list. I have experienced several of these symptoms, but never related them to migraine. I have perhaps a strange symptom which I have come to consider “my friend the stomach migraine.” Sounds weird, huh? I sometimes get a stomachache and kind of nauseous feeling, but I’m not sick. There is nothing else wrong, no disease, no stress, just this unexplained knot. Feels like a lead ball sitting just under my diaphragm. Of course, I may get a migraine days or weeks later, but I’ve never connected the two. Instead, it almost seems like this is one of those “neargraines” as I call them. You know, when you feel sometimes like a migraine is coming, but it doesn’t quite materialize. Anyway, my $.02. Also, I am one of the rare male participants here. My migraines started about age 35 during a period of tremendous stress. Unfortunately, they haven’t left. I am, however, doing a lot to control them through diet, namely reducing or eliminating foods containing tyramine. Anyway, I hope to talk to everyone more in later posts.

  53. mljmorris says:

    I’m really glad to see mine on the list already. For years with debilitating migraines the odd symptoms make a person who already feels like an outcast feel worse. My weirdest ones are my hair hurting, fingers tingling, chest hurting and having aphasia problems including the loss of not only words, but entire sentences and thought processes. I can relate to an “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome” that another posted. The “Fog” that settles in really is something else. Thank you for writing this blog post. It really is nice to know you are not alone when you feel it the most.

  54. Rachel says:

    flashing lights, tunnel vision, blind spots (parts of words disappear on a page, half the face of the person you are looking at disappears)

  55. Jayne Moline says:

    I get so many symptoms, but inner ear pain the the strangest. Sometimes my migraines feel like a hot root is boring through my head and then the inner ear pain usually begins afterward. I started realizing that when I felt inner ear pain without a migraine, the migraine would be arriving within the day.

  56. sharon22 says:

    My family can always tell I’m getting a migraine when my left eye starts to droop. I can’t find words, tingle on my left side, get tippy, bump into things, and can’t walk straight

  57. lauren says:

    So glad to find some other people with this symptom! Maybe we’re all related (hey, I’m a little short on family) . . . First time it happened it scared me to death. After a while it got me used to the truth of the frequency of my episodes, and also helped me learn not to delay taking med. Unlike some other early symptoms, it can’t be confused with something else, and by the time my sight is disturbed, baby, it’s pretty late in the game!

  58. rose m says:

    Always is there the excessive yawning and the insatiable need for salt. In 75% also scotoma scintillans. I realized very young that it had to do with headaches that followed, but is was years and years later it got the name migraine. The excessive yawning got me several time in trouble in school. I once was sent home for a week because I could not stop it and the teacher considered it disrespectful towards him. That was in first grade! Before I had tried to explain this always came before the headaches and vomiting, but he said: that sound like migraines and kids don’t get migraines. Even our family doctor was of that opinion.
    Thank God that nowadays at least kids “can” have migraines, although there are still enough people that think they make it up.

  59. carla-fisher says:

    My parents and doctors called me a hypochondriac. I had headaches as long as i can recall. Going to school was agony most of the time, every noise was intensified. I could even hear the thermostats squealing a high pitched noise till i thought i was going out of my mind.

  60. I get an “oily eye” in my left eye (My migraine side). Like my contacts are dirty (only I don’t wear contacts anymore). I also get a runny nose. The worse it runs the worse my migraine is gonna be. During the migraine, I can get different symptoms such as electrical currents running from the front to the back of my head and pretty, glittery lights, but not always.

  61. Sheilac says:

    My nose and sometimes only the areas on each side become ice cold. Even in hot weather.

  62. manxmutt says:

    Me too, I once made myself a sheepskin nose cover! Thought if I could warm my nose up the migraine wouldn’t happen! Wrong.

  63. Hyena8 says:

    I get so hungry I could eat an entire pizza myself. Which is what I crave with a migraine. My neck hurts so bad cause that’s where my migraines start. The pain starts in my neck, runs over the top of my head, into my sinuses, and sometimes into my teeth and lower jaw. And I have to pee every 5 seconds. My eyes swell up to where it looks like someone punched me. Also I turn whiter than a ghost. My family can tell by looking at me if I am having an attack. I have the urge to pass out or puke but not do either. Sometimes I just pray to die already!

  64. lilosmom says:

    I know I’m about to get a headache when I can’t multitask. I have five children, and when I can’t listen to two or more talking at the same time, I know I’m in for it!

  65. nancym says:

    I get extremely thirsty and soak up water like a sponge. Needless to say, this results in numerous trips to the bathroom which keep me from getting any rest. My words also get twisted and I have a hard time finding the right ones. I also get quite irritable.

  66. Newdancerco says:

    @mimi- I’m just the opposite. I get so COLD. I have actually started finding myself associating my meds with warmth- like being outaide on a cold winter day and thinking “boy, x sounds good!” Instead of “boy hot chocolate will taste good”. Thankfully I catch the thought and redirect it to hot soup- I’ve never actually taken the meds thinking they will warm me.
    I also get the almost narcoleptic sleep need (great when in a meeting with my boss!) and the inability to make sense when talking. Usually that is an inability to find the rigjt wirds (aphasia), but sometimes I find the sounds coming out of ny mouth have NOTHING to do with what I intended to say.

  67. Hyena8 says:

    Hot chocolate causes severe migraines for me.

  68. Crystalrz4 says:

    I also get ice cold from the inside out. I cover-up with heavy blankets and heating pad, but I just can’t seem to warm up. When I’m able to take in fluids, the first thing I reach for is “HOT” Tea!!! As hot as I can drink it, and that seems to help a bit.

  69. mimi says:

    Along with a tingling arm and face my body overheats and my eyes tear up.

  70. Susan says:

    I often get a bright red rash on one or both sides of my face and neck when a migraine is imminent.

  71. MJ says:

    I get red on both sides of my neck too. Never heard anyone else describe that symptom!

  72. Angel says:

    My cheeks turn bright red…

  73. Vicki says:

    Bruises on the face. Looked like someone hit me. They appeared kinda like the middle stage of a bruise, with yellow and blue/black coloring. Also sleep walking & nodding off in mid sentence and talking gibberish. When I was younger when the pain got so severe, I passed out. Doctors called it sleeping seizures associated with severe migraine. All they said was never wake me up, just watch me. I’ve passed out getting out of a car(half in half out and out)Also while eating out. I just gradually slipped out of the seat unto the floor.

  74. mattparker says:

    My strangest system is ear pain almost like I have a bad ear and sinus infection. anybody else have something like that?

  75. MJ says:

    My ear and sinus on the same side as the eventual migraine get very congested and painful.

  76. kim716 says:

    Totally… my doctor ended up referring me to an ENT because I kept going to see her for ear infections, but she would look and my ear would look fine. I went to the ENT and he said it wasn’t my ear and suggested it was a migraine symptom.

  77. linda says:

    yawing…& the top of my head & hair hurt so much!! but when I constantly yawn all day that’s a sign of a migraine coming : (

  78. Clairie says:

    tingling and numbness in my right hand to the point it feels terrible to use. It’s annoying at work having to use a mouse that’s for sure!

    also slowed speech, though that’s happened less than the hand thing.

  79. Meic says:

    I get pressure in my sinuses and nose and it smells weird, almost like when you are getting that gas that makes you sleep before a surgery.

  80. Kathy T says:

    I find that I yawn and get really tired. Like fall asleep anywhere tired. Usually it is whenever the pain is about to increase.

  81. Amie says:

    I get a steady electric pulse on the left side of my head. It’s almost like I’m holding an electric fence and feeling the voltage surge through just my brain.

  82. Angie says:

    If I take my meds in time, great. If for some reason they don’t work or I don’t get to it in time then I’m in trouble. They have become 3 day pain marathons. The weirdest symptom I get is toward the end of the 3 days, I get a runny nose. It’s like a sinus attack, only NOT!

  83. linda says:

    what meds do you take? if you don’t mind sharing : )

  84. During prodome I get so hungry that I literally can’t stop eating. I will eat until I make myself sick if my family doesn’t watch me. It’s almost like I am in a trance or something sometimes.

  85. Vicki says:

    My daughter has done that for years, too. Starving. Used to eat a lot before the migraines set in.( Sat at Golden Corral for 3 hours while she ate) She always got sick for weeks afterwards. Now she’s older it can be either before or after

  86. Ruth says:

    I sometimes smell things that aren’t there – and it’s always hamsters that I smell! Weird, right?

  87. Hyena8 says:

    Not for me lol! My Petunia Rose hammie actually calms me down when I am sick. And I am never surprised to smell hamster!

  88. lauren says:

    Thanks–I got on a med for something else and my smeller has gone nuts. Nobody has had any advice–until you all helped me link it to the migraine condition, which is there quietly playing delightful games with my senses all the time, whether or not it’s erupting into trouble with the trigeminal nerves (which I endearingly call my “squid nerve” since it looks like one to me. Dang the thing. At least it doesn’t give me ghost toothaches. I get everything else, including the sinus trouble people are describing here.)

  89. Chinca Boom says:

    Yes , I get obsessive thinking with my migraines, almost like I am stuck in a bad dream at times and it keeps repeating, I am wide awake and aware that this is happening and it’s often accompanied by hallucinations and a very tingly left arm.

  90. Luna says:

    Does anyone have obsessive thinking?

  91. mattparker says:

    being obsessive is very normal for me I also get really mean.

  92. MJ says:

    Yes, I can be dead tired, long past being productive at what I am doing, but completely unable to let go and give it a rest.

  93. marti says:

    I repeat a phrase over and over – usually not out loud, but it’s like my brain gets stuck in a loop, and whatever I’m thinking just won’t stop. Just won’t stop…just won’t stop…just won’t stop…just won’t stop…
    (like that)
    With the really bad migraines I have hallucinations. I hear noises that aren’t there, I smell things that aren’t there, usually garbage smells, and I see all kinds of weird things. The weirdest thing my vision does is pulse. My entire field of vision contracts and expands. I joke I don’t need LSD; I have my migraines.

  94. lauren says:

    I was diagnosed with ADHD by a WONDERFUL psychologist who got to the bottom of problems I was having that were making the migraine condition just hell. By treating the ADHD and a sleep disorder, he helped me go a long way toward making the conditions of my life more manageable. And YES the ADHD symptoms get worse when a migraine is coming on–either obsession or being scattered, and for sure ANGER! That one you can count on with me. Boy was it a relief to find out that it was a symptom, not a character failure or Deadly Sin!

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