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Taking a chance on another new kitten — a new best friend for The Migraine Girl?

To even my own surprise, I adopted another cat.

I’ve read lots of articles about the process of mourning pets. That you should never adopt another pet right after your beloved one dies, but that you should also never swear off ever having a pet again when you’re in the throes of grief.

When my baby cat died in early December of last year, I would’ve sworn up and down to you that I’d never in a million, billion years have another kitten in this house.

But then I got to the unbelievable point where I wasn’t crying each and every day. I started being able to pet and even pick up friend’s cats without being overcome by waves of grief and even occasional jealousy. And, after all that, I started looking online to see cute kitten in the Athens area. I wasn’t feeling on the verge of adopting one, but I’d started to see that other kittens were seeming adorable again. (Full disclosure: I am 32 years old and have been browsing to look at kittens and even puppies for at least a decade, never actually intending to adopt.)

Several weeks ago, I met a breathtakingly loveable litter of kittens who’d be up for adoption once they got a little older. This little grey tabby guy with a white chin and grey necklace of fur around his neck really stole my heart. I kept thinking about him. I showed Jim the pictures of the cats in the litter, and he was fond of the grey baby as well. We talked and talked, and I emailed back and forth with my vet friend about my concerns.

And, after much analysis and soul-searching, we took little Satchel home.

Having him to sit and cuddle with is really great. My hope is that a kitten is still a migraine girl’s best friend and that he will be a good friend when I’m sick and when I’m well.

Here’s to new beginnings and finding the strength to take another chance on bringing a loved one into the home.

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  • terri
    7 years ago

    So happy for you and Satchel! Lost my Leo a month or so ago. Before he got sick, he was the other part of my migraine aura. Never failed, he was on my pillow every time i woke up with a headache. When he was shut out of my bedroom, he was outside the door, staring intently nearly every time. The other kitties have taken over the staring duties, and the dog has noticeable behavior changes. People who say critters don’t have feelings just haven’t been paying attention as well as the critters do.

  • kaitjackson
    7 years ago

    Our four legged friends aren’t pets, they’re family… at least that’s always how it’s been in my mother’s household. When I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago, my sister’s cat and the family dog teamed up to make sure I didn’t get out of bed unsupervised by doing some serious snuggling – the dog across my legs and the cat on my chest. Anytime I tried to move, the dog would go run around the nearest person in circles till they came to check on me.
    That fantastic dog had to be put down about a month ago. A very aggressive tumor had formed in under three months and there was nothing they could do. On Father’s day (just a week after he had passed away), my mom was having a really hard time between missing the dog and missing her dads (who had both died in the past year, making this her first Father’s day without them). She was sitting and talking to the dog’s spirit, and felt like he was leading her to look on Cragislist. When she did, she stumbled across this absolutely PRECIOUS puppy, who had been found by a woman who couldn’t keep him. He’d been dumped in a parking lot, he was skinny, he was dirty, he was covered in fleas, but he melted my mom’s heart, and that was all she wrote. He’s part of the family now, and even though I haven’t gotten to meet him yet because I live so far away, my sister sends me pictures and video of him several times a week. A good furry snuggle buddy is the best friend a migraine girl can have any day, and especially on bad days!

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