Terrible situations to be stuck in with migraine - a hypothetical quandary

I live in a town famous for its college football scene. Now I’m not much of an athlete anymore, and I don’t really watch sports all that often. I tend to gravitate to towns like Athens more for their artsy, creative vibes more than their sporty ones, but I respect my friends’ passion for football even if I do try to steer clear of the tipsy throngs that crowd downtown Athens on game days.

Jim and I were walking downtown last night and saw “The Fur Bus” parked at the car wash. The driver was cleaning the bus inside and out, ready for a long and fun night of ferrying around partiers after the game. Hours later, the fully-loaded bus slowly drove past us as we walked downtown, the girls inside dancing as the lights flashed and music blasted.

“I do this weird thing sometimes,” I told Jim. No reaction (fair enough: I do weird things all the time and rarely feel the need to announce them to him—he’s used to me by now). “Like, just now? I thought about how crappy it would be to be on that bus in the middle of a migraine attack. I always observe situations in which it’d suck to have a migraine. Like being stuck on The Fur Bus with a terrible migraine.”

As soon as I told Jim this, I really realized how true it was. I always have migraine on the brain, even when I’m feeling well. I think back to camping trips taken over Christmas break years ago when I was in college. Sleeping in a tent on the hard ground in 32 degree weather? That’d be a crappy situation in which to have a migraine. Stuck in a rock club with no ride home right when a migraine hits? That’d be bad. Stuck in traffic, stuck standing on the sidelines in a July 4th parade, stuck on a blanket in an overcrowded park while New Year’s Eve fireworks go off loudly overhead, stuck in a job where you work under fluorescent lights all day. And on and on.

Whether you’re an episodic or chronic migraineur, I’m interested in what situations you think of. Am I the only one whose imagination runs away with her in this particular way?

Are there scenes you witness and think about to yourself so that you’re prompted to say, “Man, it’d be rough to be in THAT situation with a migraine”?

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