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Our community reveals their “ferocious” migraine types

Our community reveals their “ferocious” migraine types

While every migraineur experiences vastly different symptoms, they unquestionably can take on a life of their own and develop characteristics much like an animate being. Inspired by the original article, “What Animal is Your Migraine”, by Lisa Benson and all of YOU, our Community Members, I’ve compiled some of your VERY thought provoking, creative and wildly amusing (as being able to very clearly visualize) comments in response to this topic.   

Get ready to begin our journey to visit with these unpredictable creatures and hold onto your hats! You never know what is going to be lurking around the corner. Just when you think you know your triggers, symptoms and how best to manage them, these erratic beings and elements reveal themselves!

First, let us begin a visit with 2 Woodpeckers right behind your eyes!

Next up, the pest that can never be eradicated, the Cockroach! 

Ugh oh, it’s getting very dark and gloomy! Take cover,  it’s a Tornado, no wait it’s a hurricane!

Shhhhhhhhh! Be very quiet. We don’t want to wake the Brown Bear from Hibernation and have it rake its claws across your forehead, arm and neck!

They don’t just laugh, no Hyenas always lurke and wait for the kill!

Batter up! Baseball season is around the corner. Well, how about that Baseball Player who follows you around to periodically whack you on the back of the head with his bat?

Last by not least, just when you thought they didn’t exist and were only in the movies, The Lionbear appears! It is a combination of a lion and a bear with the ferociousness and brute strength to bring you down, even though you fight it with the same. Yet, it can still be gentle and sweet when it’s when it’s not angered.

Now, how about you? We would LOVE to know which of these untamed beasts or any other description that best describes your migraine. Please be sure to share in the comments below.


  • Jani8
    4 years ago

    I’ve always thought that I feel like I have a semi sitting on my head when I wake up in the morning. I never thought of an elephant. I also feel like somebody is stepping on the back of my eyeballs and they’re wearing cleats. Sometimes I get a migraine and my brain and eyes feel swollen. Occasionally I get a ricochet migraine. It feels like someone shot me in the head and instead of going out the back, it is ricocheting in my head. I also have the baseball bat headache. I never thought of animals.

  • LaurenElise
    4 years ago

    My migraines vary every time. Sometimes it is like I am starring into the sun even at night, searing my eye balls. Other times it feels like my brain is a piñata inside my head, constantly getting hit from every angle when I move. Other days I get to be a traveler in a foreign land as I can’t form proper words or speak correctly just prior to a migraine starting. Some days it just feels like my brain is a balloon, filling with air and pressure inside my skull. It pushes on everything and hurts all around but there is no where for the pressure to go.

  • wgreen
    4 years ago

    I tell people that there is a box jellyfish living inside my head. When it gets angry it lashes out and its tentacles leave fire and pain wherever they touched in my head and down my neck and into my shoulders. I try to keep this beast happy but so far no luck…

  • Maureen
    4 years ago

    I was just thinking today how I could describe my lessening severity to my migraine specialist. What I came up with was that instead of having an elephant sitting on my head, I’ve been having a gorilla squeezing my brain. I am not quite sure that she will understand that this is better. Only a migraineur could understand how this could be any better. What I mean is less pain, but my brain is still severely compromised. Yes. It’s still a beast.

  • tlc815
    4 years ago

    That is EXACTLY the way I describe my migraine pain, an elephant sitting on my head, and I can understand the “pain, but less” gorilla analogy also. I only started having migraines three years ago, at age 48, so I can’t imagine going through my whole life like this. Finally getting a medication routine that works, most of the time. Mine are accompanied by neck/shoulder muscle tightness, slowly being wound up like a clock. I spend the day trying to stretch out my neck muscles while breathing deep and trying to relax. Maybe it’s caused by that elephant?!

  • Luna
    4 years ago

    There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.
    And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear.
    –Pink Floyd

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