The First Week : Chronic Migraine and Botox Diary

After my injections we headed for the car and a seven and a half hour drive home. At this point I felt little difference than when I walked into the clinic about five hours earlier.

Some readers may be shocked at five hours time having elapsed for my injections. No, it didn’t take that long to do them. Since this was my first visit to this clinic, I saw several other departments — psychology, nutrition, physical therapy. This all took time.

I was on a bit of a high for the first few days after the injections. After all, I had waited many years to finally try this procedure which so many doctors had thought might help me. In my own mind, I had just stepped onto a new and wondrous path, and I was excited and anxious to see the scenery.

The first big change

My injections took place Monday. I did experience some itching where the injections were placed, which was only slightly annoying at its worst, but has continued. My sunglasses set on a place where I’d been injected, and eventually that began to feel slightly bruised, but I was ready for this easy trade-off. Other than that, it was at the end of the week I noticed my first big change.

Sunday morning when I looked into the mirror to brush my teeth, nothing seemed any different. However, when I looked in the mirror that night to brush my teeth again before bed, it was obvious that something drastic had changed. Yep, just that fast.

You see, I have always had a quizzical *Spock eyebrow* that raises on its own at times, often when I am either giving the “mom look” or have heard something dubious. Second only to my hair, it is the thing people remember most about me.

On Sunday night, I said goodbye to the ‘ol Spock eyebrow. It was gone. Surprisingly, I was sad. 🙁 Apparently I was more attached to my quizzical eye than I thought. I told my doctor in an email that you could paint me green and if it would make my Migraines better I’d walk around with a smile on my face!

Now, we are told in Botox workshops that the placement and dosage of onabotulinumtoxinA is different for chronic Migraine than it is for cosmetic purposes. Many people with interests in cosmetic improvement want botox around their eyes to help eliminate crow’s feet, or around their mouth to help with lines there. Because my doctor followed protocol, I had no injections around those areas. I expected some minor paralysis of muscles in my forehead near the injections, but was still surprised when it actually happened to me. I poked at my flaccid forehead and was slightly weirded out at the lack of response and mild rubber feeling. My forehead is oversized (read HUGE) and I am still left with obnoxious wrinkles in the middle that I hope someday might disappear too. Aaahh, isn’t it wonderful how hope springs eternal!

Coming Soon: Week Two – Unexpected Side Effects

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