The In-Between Days: When you don’t have a full-fledged migraine but aren’t quite yourself either reader favoriteOne of the most difficult things those of us with lifelong illness (including all types of migraine, including episodic migraine disease) deal with is the way illness manifests itself from one day to the next.

Today and yesterday, I’ve been a little “floaty”—you know, not fully present, not feeling quite like myself.  When I’m feeling good, I tend to be engage in witty banter with people, but I’ve noticed the last few days that it takes me a minute to come up with a fitting response to customers who joke with me at the bookshop.  Jim asks me a question and it takes me several seconds to register his request. I go to instruct an intern about how to do that day’s task and can’t think of the words “cash register,”  “delegate,” or “organize.”

Last night, a migraine started to approach in but never really settled in all the way.  I got the aura and the achy neck, but a full-fledged attack never hit by the time I went to sleep, and I woke up mostly fine.  Mostly.

Except my brain doesn’t seem to be working right, and I’m fatigued.  I am grateful to not be sick today, but I’m frustrated at being stuck again in one of these In-Between Days.

Do these days happen to you?  My anecdotal research indicates that both chronic and episodic migraineurs experience these In-Between Days, days when they’re not at 100% but not suffering from a significant migraine attack either.

How do you cope with this strange state of being?  Are there things you do to help make sure the scales don’t tip toward migraine?

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