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The joys of being a woman!

some of my favorite things to bring my headachey self some relief:
delicious cafe, reading, and my rose-tinted, anti-fluorescent glasses

Each blessed month, I am so proud to be graced with an entire week of cramps, headaches, exaggerated achiness, remarkably spectacular swings in mood, irritability with the people I love most, and–best of all–I get to deal with my Feminine Products nearly every hour on the hour for a couple of days! IT’S AWESOME.

But the migraine that accompanies this monthly extravaganza of womanhood is probably the best part of it. It’s so great that after a couple days of using triptans I’m not allowed to use any more. That means I get to take ineffective rescue meds and just bask in the glory of my brain chemistry, thinking of how every action I take brings me pain and there’s relatively little I can do about it until my period is gone.

Today we are on day one of not being able to use triptans. Luckily I have a two p.m. deadline and a 2:30 PM doctor’s appointment.

It is bothering me that I wrote the time in two distinctly different formats just then. But to show how casual and carefree I am nowadays, I am just going to LEAVE IT AS IS!

A bit stressed and headachey but chipper enough to drive you crazy,

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  • CJ Creswell
    9 years ago

    I know who can help. I know this sounds crazy and the thing all long term migrainers lose is the ability to hope. Hope that something can actually "fix" what the hell is wrong with you! I have been there…for years! I am putting my email address up here for any and all women who suffer from migraines associated to hormones/menstral cycles. I really have found a doctor that listens and a treatment that works.

  • themigrainegirl
    9 years ago

    Dear Secret, Fragile Skies: Sorry for the late reply! You can see I'm not very active on here nowadays.

    You can buy glasses made specifically for you from an Irlen specialist (google "Irlen"). I went the cheaper route and had a rose tint put on my regular glasses while at the optometrist's. (It's a colored coating they put on for a fee.) The charge wasn't high, but there's no exact science to exactly what tint will be effective for you (unless you're wanting to pay to consult with an Irlen specialist). Good luck!

  • secret, fragile skies
    10 years ago

    How do the rose-tinted, anti-fluorescent glasses help you and where did you get them.

    10 years ago

    Its nice to read your blog. I am also a migraine sufferer. I did some researches on Migraine and published my Blog

  • Myth
    10 years ago

    That is where I am this week. And it is so awesome that I do not have any words for it…. or at least not polite ones.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hilarious! Thanks for putting in words what many of us go through each month.

  • Jasmine
    10 years ago

    I so know what you’re going through and I share your frustration. All I can offer are cyber hugs and the reassurance that you’ll get through this.

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