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The Spoon Theory

I have used very similar analogies in the past, but this author, Christine Miserandino, uses spoons as a metaphor for the limited amount of energy she has each day as a sufferer of lupus.

Reading this, I teared up at several points. It reminds me of something I once wrote regarding how I have to plan each step of my day and contemplate every little decision, always hyper-aware that an everyday occurrence could be the trigger for my next Migraine.

Check it out. I think anyone reading my blog will find it a good, sad, realistic read.

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  • deborahvan-der-harst
    6 years ago

    Hi, thank you for posting this blog. I checked out “Spoons” and found that Christine explained so well what it is like living with chronic pain. I immediately gave the article to my husband to read so that he could understand like daily living is like for me. I didn’t expect chronic migraines could be so energy depleting and neither did my husband. We are both learning what my triggers are and learning how to avoid them. Getting over stimulated and overheated are two of my biggest triggers. Another trigger for me is lack of sleep.

    Today will likely be a migraine day for me. I will be driving 1.5 hours in 81 degree heat without air conditioning. 81° is mild for most people, but for me I get overheated and the drive is long sitting in traffic. I will be taking my meds with me.

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago

    Hi! I’m an Italian girl who was browsing the net looking for something encouraging about migraine… I’ve suffered of migraine since I was a little child and I understood just now, yes, now, how strong I’ve been to keep a quite normal life. You know, little people understands usand we may think: ok, I must do better, I must live like the other people. Now I see: we must accept our disease and take care of ourselves, not being afraid to seem fragile…
    I mast thank you for your blog, it’s a soul analgesic for a lot of people.

  • spud31
    12 years ago

    Thank you so much! I’ve reposted this link in my journal so that my friends and family can read it and understand what I go through with my migraines and other issues.

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