Therapeutic Yoga Redux

Today I was messing around on and found a 2009 post I’d written about my therapeutic yoga class. I made myself reread it as a a way to encourage myself to ACTUALLY GO TO YOGA TOMORROW MORNING. Maybe if I declare it here I’ll be pressured to actually go. Think that’ll work? As long as this snow/ice situation dissipates, the hospital’s Mind-Body Institute will be open for business, which means I have no excuses.

As I mentioned earlier, I feel so much better when I keep up with my health routine. Yoga was an integral part of my life for many months, but with all my traveling and working (and yes, occasional bouts of hooky), I fell out of the habit. Time to regroup.

Jim and I took a back care yoga class together a few months ago. (Or was that a year ago? Sheesh.) Much to my surprise, he has remained a regular yogi despite the class having ended quite awhile ago. He rolls out his mat wherever there’s space (a precious commodity in our house, especially nowadays when I have boxes upon boxes of books stacked everywhere) and does his back care yoga for up to an hour and a half sometimes. The man cannot be stopped. I never expected him to have such self-discipline. This is a testament to how much good yoga can help you, I think (and perhaps evidence of how horrible his back pain gets!).

Nearly every time I leave yoga, I feel light and lively and full of precious energy. The best way to describe it is this: I felt my joints and muscles as they all worked together. I felt as if there were actually more space in my body, that it was easier to breathe. (Apparently these results are common, but they feel new and fresh and amazing each time anyway.) I thought the feeling was addictive, but since I quit the yoga habit, I guess it wasn’t a strong enough addiction. As with cardio exercise, the more you do it, the more you crave it.

I’ll have to report back this month on how my triumphant return goes. For now I am going to take a walk in this rare winter wonderland!

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