Thursday is TODAY

Well, as I suspected, the pattern continues. I felt really great this afternoon and, the moment I realized how great I felt, tried to push the thought of an impending Migraine attack. (As I've mentioned before, I often feel wonderful right before my head pain sets in.) J. and I went grocery shopping and it was at the store I started feeling light-headed and icky. An hour later, I was home but not any worse for the wear. I managed to tidy up very slightly for this evening's book club meeting at my house and even baked some brownies and made guacamole!

Around 9:15 or so, the blurry vision took ahold and the left side of my head started feeling...well...not right. I don't tend to consciously feel my head when I'm well; it's only when I'm coming down with a Migraine attack (or head cold, for that matter) that my body remembers my head is even there.

It's 10:30 and I am going to lie down in bed after taking an Imitrex and my nightly regime of pills.

Somehow I'm comforted by the fact that the Thursday Migraines are getting predictable. This logic seems screwy--I don't want to EXPECT them, but I do want to be prepared. Oddly enough, Thursday has been my favorite day of the week since I was little. I intend to keep it that way--Migraine, you will not get me down!!!

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