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To sleep or not to sleep?

In one of my first entries, I mentioned that caffeine can be a migraine trigger but that it can also help prevent Migraine. Last night I said that stress can be a trigger, but that the sudden lifting of stress can also cause a headache to begin.

Added to this precarious list is SLEEP. Too little sleep = Migraine. Too much? Yep, you’ve got it: Migraine. Last night I deliberately ignored the alarm-setting period and fell into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep. I wanted to catch up on the sleep I missed throughout my week, and I sure did do that: 12-13 hours after putting myself to rest, I woke up feeling…unrefreshed and groggy. I did it again: too much sleep made me feel ill.

What is the perfect balance? There’s no special perfect balance for any of the potential triggers I’ve mentioned. Sometimes four hours of sleep is just enough to make you feel great; other times, it’s way too little and I’ll wake up with a throbbing head.

Some days, this Migraine puzzle seems so complicated and intricate I just want to give up. I suppose I need to focus on just one aspect at a time, which will take months (years!) but will perhaps yield some results.

Tonight’s experiments? Laying off the alcohol (which rarely acts as a trigger) just to see…

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  • YoSafBridg
    13 years ago

    i am a night owl normally and sometimes my migraine keeps me up–sometimes the migraine meds keeps me up–sometimes i just can’t sleep–sometimes i can’t sleep for some unknown reason then i’m struck by a killer migraine the next day and i realize that was why i couldn’t sleep the night before-sometimes my only solution is a some alcohol (which luckily for me doesn’t excercerbate the headache) because sleeping pills don’t help me sleep but leave me tired the next day–sorry i have nothing to offer but sympathy–i definitely know the feeling of wanting to give up–i have been there oh so many times–but you just can’t do it–all you can do is wait it out–i can’t promise that it will get better but i can promise that you will get through it–i have and i do, daily–i still hope–and even if things don’t change (i will never give up hope i have been living with migrianes since i was about 7 but they have been severe and chronic for about twelve years) i will live my life because that is what i must do and this disease will not win.

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