Traveling Again

I just got back in the country after nearly three weeks of travel.

The last time I traveled

The last time I was out of the U.S. for a significant period of time, I was happily surprised by having only one migraine in six weeks - a miracle! Before and after those six weeks, my migraine pattern was pretty much normal (frequent headaches, intense pain when they did occur).

My most recent trip

This time the pattern didn't change. Thanks to my medicinal regimen and lifestyle, my frequency is still down compared to what it used to be about a year or so ago, and my overall pain isn't as bad as it used to be. Still, I was sad to feel three distinct bad headaches rear their ugly heads during my 18 days out of town - keeping the average up. (I wasn't on my period.)

Traveling with an understanding friend

Having a migraine while out of town is rough in many ways. Luckily I was traveling with one of my best friends who's long since understood my patterns - she and I've been close since we were freshmen in college when I was an undiagnosed migraineur. Then I was just the friend who frequently canceled plans, having to turn out the dorm room lights and cancel plans with no warning whatsoever.

A migraine away from home

With the exception of one or two nights, I had a hotel to stay in. I find this such a load off my shoulders - I don't have to worry about my migraine attacks as intensely when I know I have my own space to go home to. Times I have had to retreat to others' cramped apartment floors or fold-out beds are times I feel more stressed out and more prone to attacks.

In any case, I made it through the trip. French bars are all too smoky, and, despite their charm and music and my desire to stay out late, the cigarette smoke got to me and gave me quite the migraine. 'Twas sad to skip out on the wine while there, too, but I saved some bucks, I'm sure.

Jet lag calls. Bonsoir!

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