Understanding Migraine Symptoms

When debilitating migraine symptoms strike, it can be difficult to function. Migraines can severely impact a patient's quality of life by affecting sleep, social life and work.

Much like migraine triggers, identifying all of the potential migraine symptoms can be challenging. Many times we find ourselves wondering - could this be because of my migraines? We've asked our team of advocates to share their personal experience with a wide array of symptoms... several of which may seem unrelated to migraines.

Symptoms will vary from person to person - however it is important to identify your symptoms. Because there is no specific test for migraines, keeping track of symptoms is key in the diagnosis of migraines.

A Migraine attack can have up to four phases, and each of them has many potential symptoms. Not everyone experiences all four phases or all of the symptoms, and one Migraine attack can vary from the next. Some symptoms can occur during more than one phase. You should be aware of the four possible phases and some of the potential symptoms of those phases.

It is important to discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor as they could (1) be related to other underlying conditions (2) help identify triggers (3) help you treat early by identifying the early stages of a migraine.

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a severe pain or symptom that you’ve never felt before, it could be a sign of a serious medical condition.

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