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View Results of the Migraine in America 2012 Study!

Top-line results from the 2012 Migraine in America study are now available to view as a slideshow. The presentation covers important topics including migraine frequency, symptoms, and common triggers. It will also review the significant impact migraine has on sufferers’ careers and relationships.

The Migraine in America survey was completed by over 2,600 migraine patients in May and June of this year, and represents one of the largest studies of this type ever completed.

Please help us spread awareness regarding the real impact of migraine by sharing these resources with friends, family, and colleagues.

Migraine in America Resources:

We would also like to extend a special thank you to all of our participants!

The Team


  • marlenerossman
    7 years ago

    My dear ninjaqutie, if you don’t lay on the floor with a mind bending migraine, crawling to the toilet to vomit, then you have no idea what I am talking about. I am sick and tired of all the apologists like you who need everyone to be politically correct.
    I am suffering mightily and maybe my comments will get someone off their butt to do something more.

    And yes, I bothered to fill out the survey. Enjoy your life with migraines…I do not enjoy mine.

  • marlenerossman
    7 years ago

    This presentation was a total waste of my precious time. We already know that migraine research in underfunded, destroys lives and relationships and is intractable in many of us, including me.

    I have violent migraine 20 out of 30 days a month. I vomit and crawl on the floor to get to my “works” which is a taser-like Sumavel shot. I have seen 10 doctors, taken 15 medications, botox to the head, lidocaine to the head and THREE radiiofrequency ablations of my C2, C3 and C4.

    If there is another “presentation” why don’t you find doctors who are researching new and innovative medications for PREVENTION of migraine or at least something other than the abortives.

  • ninjaqutie
    7 years ago

    Maybe it was a waste of YOUR time, but I think you are being a bit harsh. This was done as an education tool and as a wake up call for America. It will be used in order to get us more funding for the research you speak of. Most people who don’t suffer aren’t even aware of what we go through. This presentation wasn’t for us. It was for the general population who is ignorant to what we go through and just how many of us suffer. If you had bothered filling out the survey, you would have known what the presentation was about and wouldn’t have wasted any of your “precious time” and you would have done something to help further educate those who don’t know what you are going through and could help get the funding to get you the help you need in the future. I’m sorry if I sound rude, but I found your post a bit rude myself.

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